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It is said that India has about 2,500 species of fish which are 11.7% of fish species in the world. Among India, as Bengal is called ‘the land of Maach (fish) & Bhaat (rice)’, fish is very popular diet in West Bengal. Diversities of water bodies existing in the landscape of West Bengal offers wider variety of fishes too.

In this booklet, we are going to focus on the relationship between fish and its environment along with observation and survey of locally available fish. Through step-wise lesson plan activities, children will be able to understand that fishes have important roles in each habitats, ponds, rivers, and rice fields etc. To study about fish is to learn about those ecosystems and its conservation.

Lesson plan Details

(All day)

Through a series of activities children will be able to identify fish they eat and observe in their locality. They are encouraged to understand fish has close connection with environment and often work as an indicator to point degradation of ecosystem. Some initiatives and actions among children to protect water bodies from pollutants such as wastes or agricultural chemicals are most welcome to conserve fishes as natural resources and valuable food.

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