National Knowledge Commission

The National Knowledge Commission (NKC) was constituted on 13th June 2005. As a high-level advisory body to the Prime Minister of India, the National Knowledge Commission has been given a mandate to guide policy and direct reforms, focusing on certain key areas such as education, science and technology, agriculture, industry, e-governance etc. Easy access to knowledge, creation and preservation of knowledge systems, dissemination of knowledge and better knowledge services are core concerns of the commission.

The National Knowledge Commission identified a few areas of development like Energy, Environment, Education, Biodiversity and Water with a view to collecting and disseminating knowledge in the development sector etc. They invited key organizations working in the sector of respective fields of development to create & manage the online platform.  The NKC invited Azim Premji Foundation to develop a portal for teachers in the field of education.  The National Knowledge Commission had organized workshops/meetings to set up a Teacher Portal which aims to become a forum for regular interaction, sharing of best practices and creating a body of knowledge that can motivate teachers to access, apply and add value to existing knowledge through their experience. The National Knowledge Commission & Azim Premji Founation jointly conceptualized the vision of the Teacher Portal. The Portal is being managed by Azim Premji Foundation now.

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