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Drama is for EveryoneArticle | By Ritika Kucheria | Aug 14, 2018  | Arts, Views and Reflections | 0 Likes

Drama embodies this completely. When learning or using drama, it involves the logical and emotional parts of the individual. It is not just a skill to learn.

A New Chapter: Being A ChildArticle | By Learning Curve | Aug 09, 2018  | Views and Reflections | 0 Likes

It was the end of the rainy season somewhere in month of September-2016 when I joined one of the biggest not -for- profit organisations in India, the Azim Premji Found

A Problem About DivisorsArticle | By At Right Angles | Aug 07, 2018  | Mathematics | 0 Likes

In this edition of ‘Adventures’ we study a curious problem concerning the divisors of a certain number.

Understanding Circular MotionArticle | By At Right Angles | Aug 07, 2018  | Mathematics | 0 Likes

Here are some problems related to circular motion, along with their solutions and some extension activities.

Functional Equations - Part 1Article | By At Right Angles | Aug 03, 2018  | Mathematics | 0 Likes

A functional equation is an equation where the unknown is a function rather than a variable. It may happen that one knows only a certain property of a function; e.g.

Reading as a Habit: A Teacher's Letter to the ParentsArticle | By Mangala | Aug 07, 2018  | Views and Reflections | 1 Like


Dear parents,

Mini Review Numero Friendly Board GamesArticle | By At Right Angles | Aug 07, 2018  | Mathematics | 0 Likes

Just imagine, in a routine mathematics class a teacher enters the class room with a colorful board game.


Teacher Development