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Class 1 and 2 - Jayashree Ramadas, Aisha Kawalkar & Sindhu Mathai

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Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education

Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai

Umashankar Periodi

One could hardly recognize the school on D-Day! With more than 2000 people gathered, the school grounds draped in a colorful shamiana, numerous children decked vibrantly, the atmosphere was no less than that during a village jathre (fair), bustling with activity! This was the day of the Science Mela at Sathyampete Higher Primary School, in Shorapur block of Karnataka.

The Background

T.V. Venkateswaran

This article traces the historical evolution of TNSF's role in education from the mid- 1980s to 2008. From organising a few training programmes on low-cost activities for teachers, TNSF today is set on a mission to galvanise the entire Tamil society to focus on school education.

Formative years

Neeraja Raghavan

Until the year that I went to Class IX, I was like any other schoolgirl - in that I hadn't the faintest idea as to what I would do in college. One day, it was literature, another, art, and yet another, medicine. Not surprisingly, the future was one big blur, which alternately, took on new forms, depending upon the current trend amongst peers.

Usha Ponnappan

Neeraja Raghavan

Nandita Narayanasamy

Vijaya Verma

Experiments with reforms in school education in India, like the Hoshangabad Science Teaching Programme, have shown that teachers are critical to the enterprise of quality education. Whenever a teacher buys into the idea of reform, the reforms stand a chance of succeeding, but whenever a teacher is hostile or indifferent, the reforms are headed for failure.

Kamal Mahendroo

A 1929 text for science teachers describes a successful science teacher as one who:

Vishnu Agnihotri, Nishchal Shukla, Apoorva Bhandari



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