Welcome to the helpdesk of Teachers of India. The helpdesk will show you the many different ways in which you can learn, connect and share on the teachers' portal. The helpdesk is currently being translated into other languages. Thank you for visiting Teachers of India. 

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The Landing Page of Teachers of India

This is the first page that you will see on opening the Teachers of India portal. On selecting a particular language, you will be able to navigate through site in the language of your choice.

The Header of TOI

The header of TOI consists of three parts: (1) the TOI logo on the top left  (2) the standard links on the top right and (3) the language icons which are just below the global right panel.
  • The TOI logo : - In the image above, the red circle shows the logo of TOI. If you click on the logo of TOI, it will always take you to the home page of the portal.
  • The standard links: - In the area circled with green you will find the links, “About us”, “Team”, “Contact Us” and “Download Font”. These options will give you more information about Teachers of India. 
  • The language icons: - You will see language icons just below the global right panel. On each of the icons you will find letters from the different languages that the portal is available in. You can switch between the portal languages by clicking on these icons. For example, if you click on the icon which shows the Hindi font, you will see the Hindi version of the portal.


The main menu bar

In the image given here,  the area circled in yellow is main menu bar with the following links - Classroom resource, Teacher Development, Community, News and Help. On the extreme right side of this menu bar you will see the link to Join Us/Login. 


  • Classroom resource: - These are the resources that teachers can use in class. These include Lesson Plans, Activities, Presentations, Worksheets, E-books, Images, Videos, etc., on various subjects.
  • Teacher Development: - These are the resources that could help teachers grow professionally. These include Articles, E-books, Interviews, Discussions, Presentations and Case studies.
  • Community: - You will find the links to “Members”,  “Discussion”, and "Community map" here, connecting you with people with whom you can share your thoughts, ideas and resources. 
  • News: - News and updates of TOI and other important happenings.
  • Help: - Here you will find information that will help you navigate the pages of TOI.
  • Join Us/Login: - You can become a member by registering with TOI. Or you can log in if you are already a member of TOI. By registering or joining TOI will become a part of the community and be able to access and contribute more.

The breadcrumb

Breadcrumb is the element that gives you your location on the TOI site. It is just below the main menu bar. It will also show you the path taken by to to reach your present location. In the image given here, the area circled is the breadcrumb.


The Search bar

The area circled is the search bar which is just above the breadcrumb. By just typing in a keyword and clicking on the search button provided on the right side of the search bar, you will be able to search for particular resources, articles, lesson plans, worksheets, activities, images, videos etc.

Contribute a Resource

On the right side of the search bar you will see  the link "Contribute a Resource". Click on the 'Contribute a Resource' button and go through the step by step process of contributing a resource to the TOI portal.

Please note that contributing a resource requires you to login to TOI.



The Main information panel of TOI

This is the section just below the search bar. Here you will find four sections which are “Featured resources”, “Latest Discussions”, “Spotlight” and “Send an invite”. 

  • Featured Resources: Here you will find links to the resources that are popular. The next and previous buttons on the top right corner of the feature resources panel allows you to browse through the list. Clicking on one of these resources will take you to the page of the resource. There you will able to download or print the resource.
  • Latest Discussions: Just below the featured resources you will find the panel of the latest discussions. Click on any of them to participate in that discussion.
  • Spotlight: In this section you can read about a person or a process that has made a difference in the field of education. 
  • Send an Invite: Just below the “Spotlight" you will see the button “send an invite”. Just click on it, type out the email  addresses and invite your friends to join the TOI community too! For more information, please check the "how to invite" section of the help page.


The footer

At the bottom of each page is the footer with various links. 

Here you will find the links to:
  • Go through the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Service
  • Get information about Creative Commons Licenses

To register with TOI, you can click on the “Join Us” button which is on the right side of the main menu bar. Please see the image below.

By clicking on the “Join Us” button, you will be directed to the registration page of TOI. We recommend that you register in order to make the most of the features on the portal. During registration you are required to create a username and password and give contact information such as your email address. For your own security purposes, we suggest that this password be different from your email password. Please click this link to go to the registration page.


Click on the “Login” button which is on the extreme right side of the main menu bar. 

You will be asked to type in your user id and password, as shown in the image below.

If you are not a registered user of TOI you will not be able to log in. Please sign up with TOI to join the community!


Resources are divided into two main sections: Classroom Resources and Teacher Development resources. You can access these two sections from the main menu. Filters on  the left side of both pages will help you narrow down your results. 


Searching for resources

If you want to narrow down your search for a particular resource then you can select the filters provided on the left side of the search page.

There you can select the type of resource you want:

  • Classroom resources

  • Teachers development

Then you can select the form of the resource:-

  • Article

  • Audio

  • E-book

  • Presentation

  • Video

  • Worksheet

  • Lesson plan

  • Activity

  • Image

  • Discussion

You can specify the subject:

  • Arts 

  • Sports and Physical Education

  • Environmental Science

  • Language

  • Mathematics

  • Science & Technology

  • Social Studies

  • Views and Reflections

  • Others

Then you can select the grade level:

  • Early Childhood Education

  • Class 1 - 2

  • Class 3 - 5

  • Class 6 - 8

  • Class 9 -10

  • Class 11 - 12

From the dropdown list  you can select the curriculum. The search result will show up automatically and will keep changing whenever you select different filters.


Browsing through discussions

For browsing through discussions on TOI,  you need to select “discussion” from the first filter of the search page. Then you have two options:

  1. For the classroom

  2. Teacher development

Here you will get a list of discussion topics. You can refine your discussion search by selecting the “subject”:

  • Arts 

  • Sports and Physical Education

  • Environmental Science

  • Language

  • Mathematics

  • Science & Technology

  • Social Studies

  • Views and Reflections

  • Others

Finding TOI members 

To look for TOI members you have to go to the community.  Place the cursor over the "Community" link on the main menu bar. You will see a drop down menu. There you will see the link for "Members". Click on this to be directed to the TOI members page.

On this page you will see the display images and the names of members. To look for a member, make use of the seach filters filling in the information like first name, last name, etc.

The resources in TOI were user generated. This is the key principle behind the teacher’s portal.  As shared earlier, the Teacher Portal is a space for teachers to interact, discuss and reflect and share resources. Resources will be moderated by TOI, so as to ensure quality, relevance and appropriateness. The editors and SMEs of TOI, language experts and online peer reviewers will be handling all the resources.

TOI resources can be broadly categorized into Classroom Resources and resources for Teacher Development. Classroom Resources are those that teachers can use in class and they include Lesson Plans, Activities, Worksheets, Presentations, Games, Videos, E-books etc. Resources for Teacher Development are those that will help teachers grow professionally and they include Articles, Presentations, Audio and video files etc, that deal with the latest trends in pedagogy, educational psychology and successful practices in other parts of the world

In more detail, the resources are:-

  • Lesson Plans:- capture innovative teaching ideas and practices. They provide detailed and specific lesson objectives, strategy of instruction and assessment which the teacher can implement in the classroom. If you develop similar innovative lesson plans, do share with us. Contribute!

  • Activities:- are suggested tasks that teachers can use in class to either introduce a concept, develop a concept or to review the outcome of the learning experience. You are welcome to share any such interesting activity that you have experimented with. Contribute!

  • Articles:- are essays on particular topics across subjects, teaching methods, approaches and philosophy that teachers can use for their own development. If you have been inspired by similar articles, do consider sharing them with us. Contribute!

  • Images:- are related to the learning resources. TOI has provided an image bank in the teacher’s portal itself. You can search for images of different kinds -  illustrations, infographics, color photos etc. If you have any to share, please Contribute!

  • Audio resources:- These audio recordings of interviews, speeches and audio books can be used by the teachers as meaningful classroom resources. If you come across or create similar audio resources, do share them with us. Contribute!

  • Videos:- are on different topics that can be used as classroom resources and for enabling teacher development. If you record an event or an experience that might inspire others, please don’t forget to share it with us! Contribute!

  • Worksheets:- are specially prepared exercises designed to improve students' knowledge or understanding of a particular subject. They can be used to assess  different levels of thinking and understanding. If you design similar worksheets, feel free to share them with us. Contribute!

  • E-books:-  are electronic versions of printed books that can be read on a computer. Do suggest the names of similarly inspiring eBooks that you come across. Contribute!

About the contributors:

All the resources on the come from diverse sources across the nation, and perhaps from outside its boundaries. While the creates some resources, most of them have been contributed by partner organizations and enthusiastic individuals—teachers as well as non-teachers. Each resource is published with the name and credentials of the contributor.

Any individual or organization can directly upload their resource on Our editors review the submissions for appropriateness, and then publish them on the portal or reply to the contributor with comments.

Any individual or organization who wants to publish their resources on a regular basis, but do not have the time or manpower to spare, for uploading, may please contact us for a content partnership. We collaborate to promote quality resources. Once the partnership is agreed upon, our team will take care of the processing and uploading of the resources.

Discussion Forums

The discussions on TOI are broadly classified as “Popular discussions” and  “Latest discussions”. To narrow your search you can use the filters provided on the left side of the page.
Start a discussion
In order to initiate a discussion click on the link "Start a discussion" located right below the "contribute a resource" link. Once you click it, you will be directed to a form, as shown below. (Please note that in order to start or participate in a discussion you will need to log in to TOI). 
In the first few blanks you will need to fill in the subject/title of your discussion and provide information about the topic of discussion.Choosing the Resource type in the drop down menu, allows categorization of the discussion. Please tick the box for the relevant Subject type and topic. After this you can either save or preview your discussion.
Participate in a discussion
To participate in a discussion thread  please click on "Add new comment" to use the  "Post to this discussion"  text box that is present at the end of the last comment. Click on "Sumbit" when you are done typing to contribute to the discussion.
You have the option to "edit" and "reply" to every comment that you post and the option to “reply” to others' posts. 


Community Map

This is the place where you can see the location of other members. 



You can find or search for members in this section by using the filter and various parameters like first name, last name, location etc., as shown in the image below.


Send an invite

Once you click on the 'Send an Invite' button on the right side of the home page or other pages of TOI, you will be directed to the “send an invite” page of TOI (Please note that you will need to be logged in to send an invite). Here you will be asked to fill up your name, your friends' names and e-mail IDs. You can also fill in a personal note. You can preview your invitation before you send it. Please see the image given below.



Member Profile Page

TOI has provided a user profile page for the registered users, where they can see, edit and manage their usability settings in TOI.

On the portal you can create your profile with details of your background, preferences and activities. This information can connect you to other like-minded people within the portal community. 

The image below shows what your profile will look like when other users browse through your profile.

After logging in you will see your name on the right side of the main menu bar in the same place as “join us and log in”. If you click on the arrow just next to your name you will see a dropdown menu with the options "View My Profile", "Edit My Profile" and "Log Out". Clicking on "View My Profile" option will take you to your own profile page. Similarly  "Edit My Profile" option will take you to the page where you can edit and change your profile. 

Once you click the “edit my profile” link you will be directed to the page where you can edit your own profile page as shown in the image below. 

After logging in, when you click on your name on the right side of the main menu bar, you will be directed to your profile page where you can see all your activities in TOI, as shown in the image below. Recent activities will be highlighted on the right side of the page.On the left side just below your profile photo, you will see options such as: Messages, Resources, Discussions, etc. By clicking on “Received" or "Sent” messages you will be able to view your inbox and messages that you have sent. 

Under "Resources", you will find resources contributed by you and resources that you have selected as your favorite.

You can also check the discussions that you have started or are a part of. 


Why should I register?

Registering with TOI will give you more privileges and accessibility to TOI. TOI has different options for registered and unregistered users.

How to register?

For registering with TOI, please click the 'Join Us' button which is on the right side of the main menu bar. Clicking on this button will redirect you to the registration page. Please enter a valid email ID while registering since you will have to validate it to activate your account. A validation email will be sent to your email ID with a link. Upon clicking on that link, you will be redirected back to the portal upon which your account will be activated. 

Why should I login?

Logging in will give you more privileges as a registered user. You will be able to contribute resources, have your own profile page, comment on resource and start discussions.

How do I type in regional languages?

In fields which have the rich text editor enabled, disable the rich text editor to type in regional languages directly in the browser. Alternatively, use a regular software client like Nudi, Remington keyboard, etc. to type in regional languages. 

Which browser is the portal best viewed in?

Mozilla Firefox

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