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Four SeasonsWorksheet | By divya choudary |  Sep 24, 2014 Arts, Environmental Science | 0 Likes

Here's a fun way for students to think about the various seasons and the changes they bring about in our lives.

Numbered words 1Presentation | By Rajkishore |  Sep 26, 2014 Language, Mathematics | 0 Likes
Check out this interdisciplinary (Numbers & English spelling) presentation on creating number puzzles and games.
Numbered words 2Presentation | By Rajkishore |  Sep 26, 2014 Language, Mathematics | 0 Likes

Here is another interdisciplinary (Numbers & English spelli

Angles of a PentagonVideo | By Rajkishore |  Sep 26, 2014 Arts, Mathematics | 0 Likes

Let your students arrive at the sum of a pentagon's internal angles themselves, by folding paper into a pentagon. 

Watch this simple video to see how it's done.

Reaching for MarsArticle | By Editor English |  Sep 25, 2014 Environmental Science, Science & Technology, Social Studies | 0 Likes

With ISRO being applauded and its incredible effort in the news every where, there is a lot of information out there for curious, young minds.

Shapes are everywhereWorksheet | By divya choudary |  Sep 24, 2014 Mathematics | 0 Likes

Shapes, like lines, are everywhere! Students can use this worksheet to identify those around them and make their own creations with some simple geometric shapes.

ManVideo | By Common Resources |  Sep 24, 2014 Environmental Science, Social Studies | 0 Likes

Watch Steve Cutts' brilliant 3-minuter on man's relationship with the natural world.


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