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The story of BuddhaPresentation | By Sriparna Tamhane |  Jul 27, 2012 Language, Social Studies | 0 Likes

Storytelling connects children directly to the past in an interesting manner. Stories unlock children’s imagination making the past intelligible to them.

Making Homework FunPresentation | By Sriparna Tamhane |  Oct 09, 2014 Others | 0 Likes

Children don’t mind working hard when they enjoy it. Here are 10 ways to make homework creative, interesting and fun.

Let's bake a cakePresentation | By Sriparna Tamhane |  Oct 09, 2014 Language, Mathematics, Others | 0 Likes

Children get to eat cake and learn too! This interdisciplinary resource demonstrates how various skills can be learned in the kitchen.

Let's talkPresentation | By Sriparna Tamhane |  Aug 07, 2014 Language | 1 Like

Here is a presentation on creating opportunities for children to express themselves.

Why are Dams Built?Presentation | By The school water portal |  Jul 26, 2012 Social Studies | 0 Likes

When man first conceived a dam, it was an engineering feat he could be proud of.

The Sources of HistoryPresentation | By Sriparna Tamhane |  Jul 27, 2012 Social Studies | 2 Likes

Young children are capable of observing, making inferences and justifying deductions.

Global water resourcesPresentation | By The school water portal |  Aug 14, 2012 Social Studies | 0 Likes

If 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered with water and the absolute quantities of water has not changed over the years, why are we talking of water stress in the recent past? This presentation deals with water availability and increasing water stress around the world.


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