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Creating Awareness About Solid Waste ManagementVideo | By EU Project India |  Apr 23, 2018 Environmental Science | 0 Likes

This 10 minute video examines the solid waste management challenges at the community level in India.

A Tribute to Bhimsain, the maker of Ek Anek EktaArticle | By Rajkishore |  Apr 19, 2018 Arts, Environmental Science, Language, Social Studies, Views and Reflections | 0 Likes

If innocence had an animation video writ on every frame, Bhimsain's 1974 classic Ek Anek Ekta wins hands down as far as two generations of Indians are concern

Teaching Divided HistoriesE-Book | By Worth Sharing |  Apr 19, 2018 Social Studies | 0 Likes

Teaching Divided Histories is an innovative 3-year project developed by Nerve-Centre [Derry-LondonDerry] and funded by the European Regional Development Fund under the

Introduction to Algebra - At Right Angles PulloutArticle | By Padmapriya Shirali |  Apr 17, 2018 Mathematics | 0 Likes

The late Shri P. K. Srinivasan had developed an approach to the teaching of algebra titled ‘Algebra – a language of patterns and designs’.

Weird Number: A story set in a village of natural numbersVideo | By Swati Sircar |  Apr 17, 2018 Mathematics | 0 Likes

This is a 13 minute story set in a village of natural numbers. A thief appears and is clearly not a natural number.

Newer and Newer Spirals - Open and Shut CasesArticle | By At Right Angles |  Apr 12, 2018 Mathematics | 0 Likes

I n the March 2017 issue, Khushboo Awasthi had described an investigation of the familiar Square Root Spiral, which had taken her along unexpected paths filled with mathematical discoveries.

Understanding Thermodynamics Lesson Plan | By Jayanth |  Apr 04, 2018 Science & Technology | 0 Likes

This digital interactive lesson plan helps the learner understand thermodynamics and various school level concepts associated with it.


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