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Why is Herodotus called “The Father of History”?Video | By TED Ed |  Dec 12, 2017 Social Studies, Views and Reflections | 0 Likes

2,500 years ago, the writing of history as we know it didn’t exist.

The Origins of ElementsArticle | By I Wonder |  Mar 13, 2017 Science & Technology | 0 Likes

This article explores the origin of chemical elements as a process occurring inside stars, as well as in terms of what they mean to people.

Area, Perimeter and CongruencyE-Book | By At Right Angles |  Nov 29, 2017 Mathematics | 0 Likes

The topic of Perimeter and Area provides rich ground for teachers to examine the truth values of statements an

Thumb as a paint brushE-Book | By Arvind Gupta |  Dec 04, 2017 Arts, Environmental Science | 0 Likes

Challenge your learners to retire their colour pencils and paint brushes for a day and ask them to express thems

Wild Cat! Wild Cat! Video | By Pratham Books |  Dec 01, 2017 Language | 0 Likes

Meet the different wild cats of India in our latest

Fagnano's Theorem - Alternative ProofE-Book | By At Right Angles |  Nov 30, 2017 Mathematics | 0 Likes

Fagnano’s Problem: In 1775, Giovanni Fagnano posed and solved the problem - “For a given acute angled triangle, determine the inscribed triangle of minimum perimeter.” Using calculus, Fagnano showe

An Approximation of pi by the Law of CosinesE-Book | By At Right Angles |  Nov 30, 2017 Mathematics | 0 Likes

The approximation of π is a popular pastime of students of mathematics and I have started with the familiar age-old way, of fitting a regular polygon tightly in a circ


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