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How many ways are there to prove the Pythagorean theorem?Video | By TED Ed |  Sep 19, 2017 Mathematics | 0 Likes

What do Euclid, 12-year-old Einstein, and American President James Garfield have in common?

Make your own CD SpectroscopeVideo | By Mujahidul Islam |  Sep 13, 2017 Science & Technology | 0 Likes

When a white light passes through a prism, it gets dispersed into various colors according to its wavelengths.

Raju and the money treeE-Book | By Worth Sharing |  Sep 01, 2017 Mathematics, Social Studies | 0 Likes

The Reserve Bank of India has come up with a series of illustrated stories addressing the need for financial literacy among the school students in June 2007.

Dhyan Singh Chand: Hockey’s Magician E-Book | By Pratham Books |  Aug 31, 2017 Sports and Physical Education, Views and Reflections | 1 Like

Pratham's Storyweaver celebrates the birthday of Dhyanchand which falls on 29th of August which is National Spor

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and RespectVideo | By Worth Sharing |  Aug 02, 2017 Environmental Science, Science & Technology, Social Studies, Views and Reflections | 1 Like

Sometimes a silent one minute video shows us the mirror of our own greed and exploitative beast in us.

Make your own toothpasteActivity | By Ananthi Balakrishnan |  Aug 24, 2017 Science & Technology, Others | 2 Likes

What's in the toothpaste that we use everyday - Can you make some on your own? With the things found in your kitchen?

Teaching and Learning the concept of TimeE-Book | By At Right Angles |  Apr 10, 2017 Mathematics | 1 Like

Children get exposure to the concept of time organically, well before they come to school. Yet the teaching and learning of time poses peculiar challenges.


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