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Learning Grammar Through Stories ~ Sentence GameActivity | By Nabanita Deshmukh |  Jul 14, 2015 Language | 0 Likes

By teaching grammar rules in a meaningful context, children would certainly enjoy learning it and thereby acquire a new language spontaneously.

Bird Bingo Game Part 2Worksheet | By Nature Conservation Foundation |  Feb 03, 2017 Environmental Science | 0 Likes

Last July we shared Nature Dete

The story of milkVideo | By TED Ed |  Feb 01, 2017 Science & Technology, Social Studies | 0 Likes

This TED Ed lesson takes you though the history & science of milk production.

Activity on Budgeting and Prioritizing 1Activity | By Worth Sharing |  Nov 17, 2016 Mathematics, Social Studies | 0 Likes
NISM is an educational initiative from the Security & Exchange Board of
Will my turn come?Activity | By Vigyan Prasar |  Jan 27, 2017 Mathematics | 0 Likes

When something is being passed around, children are always anxious to see when their own turn would come.

A Student activity on Talking about BooksActivity | By Worth Sharing |  Jan 25, 2017 Language | 1 Like

A book talk is a presentation of a book by one student to others in the class. In a period of 45 minutes, two children can talk about a book they have read recently.

Khan Academy on NounsVideo | By Khan Academy |  Jan 24, 2017 Language | 0 Likes

Grammar is the collection of rules and conventions that make languages go. This Khan Academy video introduces the nouns.


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