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Math on the floorImage | By இரத்தின புகழேந்தி |  Dec 07, 2013 Mathematics | 0 Likes
Geometrical reasoning - Isosceles triangleImage | By Mujahidul |  Dec 15, 2014 Mathematics | 0 Likes
Tree of UnityVideo | By Common Resources |  May 23, 2015 Environmental Science, Language, Social Studies | 0 Likes

Tree of Unity an animation made almost 40 years back by Film Division

The Mini-caterer’s challenge Activity | By ananya.ramgopal |  Oct 17, 2013 Environmental Science, Sports and Physical Education, Social Studies | 0 Likes

This activity will help students better understand the components of food and its uses by taking into consideration the nutritional needs of different individuals.

The world of moneyE-Book | By Pratham Books |  May 25, 2015 Others | 0 Likes

Mala Kumar's book on the world of money is a great way to introduce children to the various aspects of money: why it is important and how it can be earned, spent wisely, and saved.

Imparting life and study skills at primary levelActivity | By Manaswini Sridhar |  May 08, 2015 Others | 1 Like

How can children at the primary level be taught life skills and s

Daddy's MoE-Book | By Pratham Books |  May 08, 2015 Language | 0 Likes

Anu likes a lot of things about her father. But what she likes most is his moustache!


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