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A simple TLM for additionVideo | By Ravi Raushan Kumar |  Feb 16, 2018 Mathematics | 0 Likes
Sometimes the idea is so simple & powerful that it transcends the language in which it is made.
Inviting wider classroom participationActivity | By Stella Punitha |  Feb 14, 2018 Views and Reflections, Others | 1 Like

In the context of a school and classroom, learners are invariably passive with more to listen and less to speak. As a first step we can make learning more participatory using simple cards to share responses. These can be used with children of all ages.

Innovative Teaching Methods of Social ScienceArticle | By Vijay Pal Singh |  Feb 13, 2018 Social Studies | 1 Like

The social sciences subject encompass diverse concerns of society and include a wide a range of content, drawn from the disciplines of history, geography, political sc

Slow learners or learning differentlyArticle | By Shimmi Sharma |  Feb 08, 2018 Views and Reflections | 0 Likes

It's all about the different learning style of the students. The idiom slow and steady wins the true.... explore it in this article

Blended Play GamesActivity | By Andreanne |  Feb 07, 2018 Arts, Environmental Science, Sports and Physical Education, Language, Mathematics, Science & Technology, Social Studies, Views and Reflections, Others | 0 Likes

This website allows any teacher to enter content in free games to be played with their students as a big group. All games are played using only a project. The game functionality is in English but the content entered in the questions can be in any language.

Anachronism FunActivity | By Sriparna Tamhane, lenonlaishram , junykwilfred |  Jun 02, 2016 Social Studies | 0 Likes

Identify the object which does not belong to a particular historical period (anachronism)

Pranav Goes to SchoolE-Book | By Eklavya |  Jan 24, 2018 Arts, Language | 1 Like


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