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Why is it Hot Underground?Video | By Worth Sharing |  Nov 16, 2017 Environmental Science, Science & Technology | 0 Likes

The deeper you dig, the hotter it gets. Why so? This 2 minute animated story from Minute Earth tells you that.

Teaching Ternary Base using a card trickE-Book | By At Right Angles |  Oct 11, 2017 Sports and Physical Education, Mathematics | 0 Likes

Use the 27-card trick to introduce ternary bases to students in Grade 9.

Scrabble like game for your EVS classActivity | By Azim Premji Foundation |  Nov 08, 2017 Environmental Science | 1 Like

Use this board game to reinforce your learners' understanding on food webs & food chains.

What is a boy? What is a girl? By Kamla BhasinArticle | By Worth Sharing |  Nov 07, 2017 Social Studies, Views and Reflections | 0 Likes

Kamla Bhasin's haunting reminders on gender stereotyping are as relevant as ever. Here is the 1st one.

Make a Water WheelImage | By The school water portal |  Nov 03, 2017 Environmental Science | 0 Likes
What will happen if you go to space without a spacesuit? Article | By Eklavya |  Nov 02, 2017 Science & Technology | 0 Likes

To understand this, we will have to first know why astronauts/cosmonauts wear space suits.

Where do math symbols come from? Video | By TED Ed |  Oct 31, 2017 Mathematics | 0 Likes

Math is full of symbols: lines, dots, arrows, English letters, Greek letters, superscripts, subscripts ...


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