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Fun with Dot SheetsWorksheet | By At Right Angles |  Aug 07, 2018 Mathematics | 0 Likes

Beginning with this issue, we start the TearOut series. In this article, we focus on investigations with dot sheets.

Iterative Patterns and processes - PresentationPresentation | By CSpathshala |  Aug 02, 2018 Mathematics | 0 Likes

Illustrate simple things occurring again and again with the help of examples from everyday life and

Iterative Patterns and processes - WorksheetWorksheet | By CSpathshala |  Aug 02, 2018 Mathematics | 0 Likes

Understanding very simple patterns in daily life, things occurring again and again

Iterative Patterns and processes - Lesson PlanLesson Plan | By CSpathshala |  Aug 02, 2018  | 0 Likes


Introduction to Algebra II - At Right Angles Pullout Article | By Padmapriya Shirali |  Jul 26, 2018 Mathematics | 0 Likes

This article is Part II of the series ‘Algebra – a language of patterns and designs.’ The approach is based on the perception of algebra as a generalisation of relatio

Introduction to Algebra I - At Right Angles PulloutArticle | By Padmapriya Shirali |  Apr 17, 2018 Mathematics | 0 Likes

The late Shri P. K. Srinivasan had developed an approach to the teaching of algebra titled ‘Algebra – a language of patterns and designs’.

Symmetry FunActivity | By Keith Enevoldsen |  Jul 19, 2018 Arts | 0 Likes

Each of these faces are made from two copies of the same design. The repeated design is either resized, rotated, or shifted to make the face.


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