Why kids should learn bridge?

Why kids should play bridge?
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A short presentation in video format highlighting some key life skills that can be learnt from playing bridge.

We have developed a methodology to reach bridge, with lots of inputs from Morten Bilde, a world class Danish player who has introduced bridge to thousands of children in over seventy schools. His 22 year old son, Dennis is already a two time world champion and one of the highest paid professionals. 
I have trained about hundred children, mostly from a small village from Raibidpura near Khargone. Four of my students from Raibidpura even represented India at the world championships in France during August and did reasonably well. 
We believe bridge has a great potential, and it leads to an astound development of the child personality. The methodology is more Discovery based and very like on pedagogy. 
The best way to carry this forward could be a 1 day workshop for teachers, parents and children. At the end of one day, the participants would be able to appreciate the game and it's competitive and intellectual nature. I can reduce the length of the session if needed, but it won't really do justice to the sport.
The author plans to develop a high level structure of a program for schools to involve more teachers in making the kids learn and enjoy the game of bridge.
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