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CD Spectroscope
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When a white light passes through a prism, it gets dispersed into various colors according to its wavelengths. This phenomenon is easily seen in a rainbow or when you use a simple prism like a ruler in front of sunlight. The principle of dispersion of light is applied in spectroscopy to study many phenomenons and topics in Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy and many other disciplines.  Spectroscopy is the study of the interaction between matter and electromagnetic radiation (light). As atoms and molecules can generate unique spectra, one can study and predict the nature of the matter by observing the spectral lines generated by the light coming out of the matter under study. Many discoveries and explanations like black hole, quantum mechanics, photoelectric effect etc. have been possible with the help of spectroscopy. Think how scientists predict the constituent matter of stars and planets, when they have never gone there?

You can easily make a simple simple spectroscope using an old CD. Download this template from this website, print it and follow the instructions written on it:

You can even have a look at the above Arvind Gupta video to understand how to make it. The exact same template shown in this video can be downloaded from:

There are many different ways to make a CD spectroscope, but this one looks the simplest and most effective. Try making it at your home or classroom.

Some other ways to make a CD spectroscope are given below:


2. (Download Template)



5. (See this video for detailed instruction)


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