How to Make a Simple Toy Motor Boat

(All day)

This electric motor boat is easy to make and can be seen sailing in a bath tub or a small pond.

Materials Required:

two plastic bottle, two pencils (find used pen instead or bamboo stick of same size), hard cardboard (instead of popsicles), a small dc motor, propellor (you can make yourself with a plastic bottle), cello tape, soldering iron, glue (fevibond will work)

A modification of this can be wheels at the bottom of the bottles to make it look like an Amphibian Car - which can move on land as well as water.

After you see it working with your students, you can ask questions about its working and discuss Newton's third law and the way propellors work. Then you can ask the students to bring more examples of the devices they see around them which works on the same principle. Students can then be asked to think about some useful devices they can make at home based upon this idea.



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