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Soul cultureArticle | By Learning Curve | Jan 07, 2014  | Others | 1 Like
They were all working in pairs filling up the classroom with the usual hustle – bustle we can expect from 4th graders.
SECMOL Alternative InstituteArticle | By Learning Curve | Jan 07, 2014  | Others | 0 Likes
“While [the children] may not be physically punished…a strong message is communicated to them that if they want to be accepted by the teacher and the society, they h
Creating better learning environmentsArticle | By Learning Curve | Jan 07, 2014  | Others | 0 Likes
Over the last four years, I have heard various educationists, school leaders, teachers and policy makers talk - at various Education conferences and in the media - a
Thinking differently about accessArticle | By Learning Curve | Jan 07, 2014  | Others | 0 Likes
Inclusive Education - the way aheadArticle | By Learning Curve | Jan 07, 2014  | Others | 0 Likes
In spite of the term “Inclusive Education” being more or less accepted globally, there seem to be some differences in the way the term “inclusion” is interpreted and
Nurturing the citizenry of the future: community involvement in schoolsArticle | By Learning Curve | Jan 07, 2014  | Social Studies, Others | 0 Likes
The National Curriculum Framework 2005 has stated that “fertile and robust education is always created, rooted in the physical and cultural soil of the child, and no
Is it just a lump of clay?Article | By Learning Curve | Jan 07, 2014  | Others | 0 Likes
Any school which has set out to bring about learning in an interesting atmosphere could bring in a dedicated area for working with hands.


Teacher Development