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It was a proud moment for India, when the Indian Space Research Organisation launched the Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM), the first one ever to successfully position a satellite in an orbit around Mars. Why Mars? What makes this planet more special than our other neighbours in the solar system? What do we hope to learn from exploring another planet? This article  explores some of these questions on interplanetary explorations, while also building an understanding of space science in practice.

When I became an elder sister after several years of being the youngest, my first reaction was a mixture of excitement and pride and, it must be admitted, feelings of satisfaction of getting the opportunity, at last, to generally give instructions and have somebody obey them, as I had been doing.

As time passed, it did not quite work out like that.



Almost all of us in this world are brought up to aim for comfort, money, status and enviable careers. There is no room, or even a passing thought, for a special-needs person in these plans, either as a parent, or a sibling or even a teacher. So, when a child with a ‘disability’ is born, parents have great difficulty accepting it as special-needs children were not in their life plans. Statistics show that for every 59 live births, one child has the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

The human body is an eternal battleground. We are constantly meeting with invaders of all kinds and all sizes. Did you know that our bodies have private armies that fight against disease? What are the different units in this army? How do they function? How do they get to the frontline almost  instantaneously? These questions and many more are answered in this first-hand account by a soldier (cell) in the human immune system.

Online learning importance has increased immensely over the past months. With world leaders putting countries on lockdown to protect everyone from getting infected with the deadly coronavirus, teachers and students were left with no choice but to take on distance education. The setup has presented challenges for teachers and students alike.

Just like any other day, I was on my regular school visits, but the school I visited that day was special and invoked an insight in me. The school that I am talking about is the Government Higher Primary School in the Kupagal village of Shorapur taluk (Yadgir district). I was talking to the children of grades 6 and 7. One child was not responding since she could not grasp my words. Then, her friends helped her with hand signs, and she could understand me. I found out that her hearing was impaired, and her siblings too had the same condition.

Whenever one talks about children with disabilities, people react in different ways – some show compassion and sympathy towards them, while some people do not want to understand them at all. As teachers, it is our responsibility to respect the feelings, behaviour, and needs of children with disabilities and allow them to come closer to us.

Nirmit was born on July 12, 2011. At the time of birth, he weighed only 1.4 kg. We were quite shocked when we learnt this. We could not sleep for the whole week. We were under tremendous tension and scared as to what would happen in the coming days. Doctors were also not able to give us a clear diagnosis. After staying in the hospital for 20 days, we brought Nirmit home. We had no idea about the problems we would face in future. We only thought that Nirmit was a little weak.


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