Teacher Development

Sunil Kumar

Sudeshna Sinha

Subir Shukla

‘No, sir, they will not respond, sir.’

Srijita Chakraborty

Shubhra Chatterji

Shivani Taneja

Shantha K

The theme - Every Child Can Learn - was decided in December 2019 and participating in that discussion, the child who came into my mind was one who I watch every morning. It occurred to me that I had something to contribute to this issue.

Shailaja Menon

Roshani Dewangan

Language helps us to communicate our thoughts and feelings, establish and maintain social contacts and relationships and understand our society and culture. Initially, children are not able to use language for all these things but as they grow older, their linguistic skills improve, and they start using language for all the above-mentioned purposes.

“STOP! I’ll punch you!” Sulekha Nayak heard these words as she entered the classroom but this was not the first time that she was hearing these threats. Her current batch of students were notorious for flying into a rage and becoming aggressive at the slightest pretext. Sulekha fortunately was not a faint hearted teacher. She always took the bull by its horns and came up with creative ideas to solve problems and today was no different.


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