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William Blake has always been an inspiration to me. Imagination and creation have been the centre of human existence in his works. It was while briefly going through Jerusalem: The Emanation of the Giant Albion, few years ago, I came across the most touching lines of all that have inspired generations of artists and writers –

Nivedita V Bedadur


H R Madhusudan

“If science is poorly taught and badly learnt, it is little more than burdening the mind with dead information and it could degenerate even into a new superstition”             D S Kothari Commission Report

Javed Akhtar

Indira Vijaysimha

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With the changing world and changing mindsets, school teaching and learning has changed to a great extent. It is so encouraging and exciting to see that with increasing technological support and availability of information to all of us, present day classrooms and teachers have become much better equipped and there is a whole lot of zestful involvement of learners in gathering knowledge, learning skills, becoming more creative and learning at varied pace.

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