Early Childhood Education

Adolescence is a time when one tries to understand things like health, development and rights and develops knowledge and skills. It is also a time when one learns to control emotions and maintain relationships in order to prepare for future life. The boys and girls of this age need proper guidance and emotional encouragement.

This is my first ever experience of working with children as a teacher. There are 10 children between the age group of 4 ½ - 5 years in UKG class. I spend the whole day with children, talk to them formally and informally and participate in various activities with them. Hence there are plenty of opportunities for me to understand them deeply throughout the day. Though I have been working with the children for past six months only, but because of the new experiences with them every day, I am able to understand children better and better.

Each of these faces are made from two copies of the same design. The repeated design is either resized, rotated, or shifted to make the face. Try creating your own symmetrical funny faces.

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It gives me immense pleasure to share some of my experiences as a teacher that gave me a wonderful opportunity to learn new things which made me a better teacher. But before I do that, I would like to share my learning experiences from the past without which it may be difficult to perceive the changes that took place in my teaching style.

This article focuses on the changing role of a teacher since last twenty years and the way the responsibilities have multiplied with its impact on the teaching-learning and their mental health.

I saw Aadhya, a child from 1st standard (name changed) today while walking back from the school throwing a nice and capturing smile at me. It just warmed my heart. It just moved me, thinking how this child was just a day before.

What is the best way to teach young children a language? This topic has been baffling and creating a lot of deliberations among teachers and educationists. Although a lot of experiments have been done to address this issue and many innovative techniques have also been developed, but language teaching, particularly, depends on environment and circumstances. Each child develops his own understanding of language. It is in this context that I want to share my teaching experience.

Replicating the manufacturer's intended outcome is no joy. The real joy for the child would come from her experience of the 'seed' idea that she can play with and then recreate (revise, refine & remix) it all by herself. There lies the beauty of the process over the hyped final product. Take this 3 minute idea-share from K B Jinan & ponder over the possibilities when the child (re)creates her own toys...

In this article, I shall discuss two important aspects of school life. First, the aims and use of the school assembly and second, teaching the same subject at different levels.

The Assembly

Generally when thinking or speaking about any theme sometimes it is possible to arrive at a consensus of various viewpoints while sometimes it is not. To look at the world with open eyes everybody has their own perspective. It is according to one’s thinking that one looks at the world. Our thinking impacts the extent to which we will be successful in life. We should always look at ourselves, our family and friends with a positive perspective and give them positivity too.


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