Early Childhood Education

Kinnari Pandya

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15th March 2013, Friday:
If real learning has to happen in children in the classroom, a good preparation on the part of the teacher is a must. We teachers need to know what kind of preparation is necessary. It’s always better to think ‘How does the child learn?’, rather than thinking ‘How to teach the child?’, because the child learns only when he is ready to learn by himself. There is no end to learning, education is a continuous process. While learning in school is one stage, adopting the same in life is another stage.

Kamala Mukunda

I will begin this article by stating an obvious fact about ourselves: we are constantly concerned about whether we are acceptable to others or not. The word acceptable is actually a bit weak—what we want is to be loved, adored, admired… And the fact of this constant and humming need hits us very hard when we suspect or realise that our peers do not accept us the way we are, faults and all.

Godavari Verma

Falguni Doshi

My life was moving in a smooth, straight line, just like the way I had drawn it for myself – studied computers, got a job in a multinational firm, married a tall, dark, handsome and caring husband, had an extremely loving family and a lovely daughter.

Dr Uma Tuli

Children are a nation’s most valuable asset. It is our responsibility to ensure that every child is able to live a happy and productive life. For this, it is essential to develop their potential to the maximum. Education is an important pre-requisite for empowering and equipping children to meet the challenges of life and helps in their holistic development.

Dr Sudesh Mukhopadhyay


Dr Gifty Joel

 Dr Ankur Madan


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