Early Childhood Education

Sunil Batra

“School leadership is second only to classroom teaching as an influence on pupil learning.”

Vijayashree P.S

How conscientiously would our student community learn and understand mutual respect if a school caters to both the disabled and non-disabled children! One such exemplary school that is doing this is GHPS Paper Town, Belagola, Mandya. The initiative by a government school teacher has changed the way children with disabilities are perceived by children studying in a regular school.

Usha Madan

 Ideally speaking, education should cater to the development of cognition and emotional skills of students, ultimately equipping them with good life skills to face the challenges of the world. It should prepare a student to have a meaningful personal life and at the same time a productive work-life.

Sumathi Ramjee

Sita Krishnamurthy

Shankar Badaga with Anwar and Venkatesh


My Experiences as a Special Teacher

Pushplata Pandey

Prema Raghunath

When I became an elder sister after several years of being the youngest, my first reaction was a mixture of excitement and pride and, it must be admitted, feelings of satisfaction of getting the opportunity, at last, to generally give instructions and have somebody obey them, as I had been doing.

As time passed, it did not quite work out like that.

Pranalee Sharma


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