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 I cannot deny that I am a trained management professional. Not because I have done formal management education for full four years but because I joined an organization which was at a cusp of change – way back in 1976. The four years of formal education just initiated me to the concept of management and nothing beyond. The real school of management for me was the organization I worked with for 26 years and more.

Transforming Your State Or District’s Public School System

Mona Mourshed, Ramesh Mangaleswaran, Ramya Venkataraman

“Most students in our state enrol in school, but we now need methods by which they will actually learn!”- senior government leader.

Rashmi Sharma

Venu N

Gurumurthy Kasinathan

“Teachers’ capacities to deal with change, learn from it, and help students learn from it will be critical for the future development of societies 1 ”.

When you google reading comprehension worksheets, you are inundated with passages followed by questions. Familiar sight?!Questioning is often seen as the only way to approach reading comprehension. And inevitably, it is in context to English as a subject, maybe extending to the social sciences - God forbid were we to see it in math class or in the chemistry question paper! Levity apart, this mode of the passage- followed -by -questions is mostly an evaluation of reading comprehension.
Questions question our understanding of concepts, situations and ideas. There is no question about this. This is an account of the way one teacher, Kinzom Khampa, used the tool of enquiry to get children find the answers.
I have been working as a teacher in the Azim Premji School in Dineshpur (Uttarakhand) since 2012 and talk about behaviour in the class on a regular basis. As of now I am the Class Teacher of Class-4. Five children in the class abuse the others and indulge in misbehavior of a similar kind, especially in the absence of the teacher and this leads to even physical fights because of which there are problems in the conduct of the class and disturbance in the class-room teaching.

Hriday Kant Dewan & Preeti Misra

What Is A Good School?


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