Early Childhood Education

Sumathi Ramjee

Sita Krishnamurthy

Shankar Badaga with Anwar and Venkatesh


My Experiences as a Special Teacher

Pushplata Pandey

Prema Raghunath

When I became an elder sister after several years of being the youngest, my first reaction was a mixture of excitement and pride and, it must be admitted, feelings of satisfaction of getting the opportunity, at last, to generally give instructions and have somebody obey them, as I had been doing.

As time passed, it did not quite work out like that.

Pranalee Sharma

Neeta and Nitin Nayak

Mrudula Govindaraju

Dyslexia is the most common learning disability which occurs in one in ten school children. In fact, the numbers may be more, as high as 20 percent, since there is no statistical data available for India. Children with dyslexia, unlike other disabilities, do not have any physical ‘marks’ or attributes. Hence, it is an invisible disability.

The Journey of Shishu Sarothi Mamta Ghosh and Neha Das

Persons with disabilities (PwDs) account for 15 percent of the total world population, of which 80 percent live in developing countries. According to Census 2011, 2.21 percent are living with one or more form of disabilities in India. This group of people remains the most marginalized and vulnerable in society. The reasons are inaccessible environment, discriminatory practices and noninclusion in society.


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