Early Childhood Education

"She is a spirited, nine-year-old girl who braves the world – whether in her efforts to go to school or in fighting the stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS in her village. Who is she? She is Meena!" 

Dangers of being schooled

"What teachers and schools do to children is:


This is perhaps a very common situation that most teachers have to go through—having a fellow teacher’s child in your classroom. A situation like this can sometimes upset the dynamics of a class. How should you as a teacher treat your colleague’s child so as not to seem biased in anyway? What should you do to allow the child to handle the situation rationally?

Educating a child is serious business. The parents’ responsibility should not end with their child’s admission to school. The school should not close its doors at the parents after the fee is paid. And the teacher should not see a parent’s enthusiasm as interference. The parents, the school, and the teacher should work in tandem to achieve all round education of the child.

There are stories about kingdoms and villages, faries and magic, animals and demons but perhaps the most interesting are stories about stories. Do you know any stories of how stories came to be? Perhaps your class could find out.

Suggestions on how you can increase the productivity of your class.

This article aims at describing certain strategies that would help teachers become better storytellers. The demonstration was done for primary school teachers by narrating a story called ‘How the Bean got  its strings’, the ‘desi’ version of a Grimm’s fairytale.



What can a teacher do to handle students who come to class late repeatedly? Manaswini gives you some suggestions...

Workshops are a part of every teacher’s life. However, for various reasons most teachers leave what they learnt at the workshop at the workshop itself. Teachers come back to their classrooms and carry on as before or they attempt a new idea for a couple of days before giving it up.


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