Early Childhood Education

Reading is making meaning from print. It requires that we:

The other day I had a wonderful interaction with children to whom life had deprived everything and yet were attending “school”. I was learning that they have to work harder in “reconciling” what the education tends to teach and the “harsh realities” they witness each day in their own homes and surroundings. For them education is also about helping them break away from their past (and present) and usher a better future while delicately not letting their innocence fade away in knowing those harsher truths.

Gijubhai's Divaswapna has been translated into many Indian languages and had been an inspiring tale for teachers & parents. A random stumbling on Arvind Gupta's site popped up a bunch of translated prose poems penned by Gijubhai. We are sharing these sweet meditations on the child, childhood & teaching.

Apart for the usual & intended purpose of sharing what one has learnt, see what more the teacher can motivate the students to do. This snippet is from Primary School Zahiruddinpur, Suithakalan block, Jaunpur, U.P.

Meena shows the way that your health is in your very hands.


We typically think of writing as something that is out of reach for preschool children. After all, young children can’t write recognizable letters, and they can’t spell words.

Toddlers may be ever so adorable but they can also be frustratingly poor at listening and respec

Let me start with a big disclaimer – I am NO expert in the field of “Education”, “Policy”, “Governance”, “Socio-political behaviors” or “Political Science”. I also confess I am perhaps least qualified to even subtly comment on such topics, leave aside writing a post. And yet – I think I should. Perhaps write simply to share a “layman-ordinary” citizen’s thoughts on these topics.

Teachers, whether at school, college or university level, face a multitude of problems not entirely in their control. Individual issues may mean very little, but collectively, the impact is striking. In such a situation, what do highly inspired teachers do?
I had always wanted to teach – after retiring from my job as a computer professional. An opportunity came some years sooner than I envisaged.
As parents know all too well, children love to re-read their favourite books over and over again.
While this may feel painfully repetitive to adults, there is something in the text that is bringing children back time after time.
Children benefit greatly from re-reading as they learn the rhyming or predictable pattern of the text – rather than spending that time trying to understand what the book’s about.


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