Video education workshop 2020

By OM_stationery | Jun 22, 2020

Hello Educators, 

How are you doing? How is your online teaching going on? What kind of problems are you facing now?

We have started a social initiative to help and support School teachers, Educators, schools, college lectures to teach online during these global pandemic. 

So many teachers in India have adopted to teach online using live conferencing tools like Zoom, Google Meet, WebEx. Most of teacher, lecturers have learned to teach online using video conferencing tools. 

But there are so many cons of teaching and studying using video conferencing apps. 

Teaching had taken a new "Avtar", in recent times and "Work from Home Teachers" have evolved at the blink of eye, showcasing the readiness, zeal, vigor and never say die attitude of teachers, to impart knowledge. The present pandemic have taught us how to cope in dire situations and come forward with alternate options, which are beneficial to one and all.

Steven Pinker and the Grammar of Mind

The Stuff of Thought: Language as a Window into Human Nature by Steven Pinker,

Penguin Books (2008), xii+499 pages

A Review by Indu Prasad

Teachers play a pivotal role in transforming the nation. iB Hubs Super 30, a novel initiative to honour inspiring teachers across India, has announced the 30 super teachers.

‘Super 30’ movie along with iB Hubs, have come forward with an initiative called ‘iB Hubs Super 30’ to recognize and celebrate many such teachers across India. This initiative received an overwhelming response of 30,000+ nominations ranging from school teachers, professors, deans, IAS trainers, coaches to singers and dance masters across the country.

Hrithik Roshan starrer Super 30 joins hands with iB Hubs Talent Accelerator to introduce ‘iB Hubs Super 30’ to honor and salute inspiring teachers who made a difference in our lives.

How working memory and its limitations impact learning and what teachers can do to serve content "just right".

Instructional design is a discipline that helps teachers, trainers and facilitators to design learning material keeping the learner in mind. It helps you design learner-centric material as against content-centric. This video explains in simple language what Instructional Design is all about.

This article talks about an activity where students make global connect and share about their history, culture and tradition. This is an effective way to enhance the communication skills and bring confidence in the classroom. Making connections with the educators across the globe will lead to a collaborative efforts of learning on a global platform. Taking SGDs (Sustainable Development Goals) in the classroom becomes easy. So let's Skype and learn...

Skype and Learning

Attending good conference is possible when in a more teaching orientated job college

By vs140580 | Dec 25, 2018

If you are in service in a salaried self institution which is affiliated to university in an undergraduate school
And marks teaching that is what it pays for and student pay for
I feel it difficult for people working in such institutions can attend conferences at will to learn
As during semester period teaching is the 105% important thing and we need to concentrate go to level of student help each in them in all as a teacher including there career
During leave in between semester invigilation for annual exams and evaluation such exams become mandatory

Adolescence Education Program

By ravisingh4ever | Sep 30, 2018

Since last two years I am working in the area of adolescence education program and i found it very useful in my school. It empowers me to help my students when they struggle and they don't have any support system. However i could not understand that, there are so many people who raise question on it. What are your opinions?


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