This book is particularly a preparation for understanding Science. Science is built from curiosity, experience, analysis and finally the expression of a discovery. The main part of this process is arranging objects, activities and ideas so as to create a new order or pattern. Science is the discovery of new patterns. This book is to help children discover the patterns and arrangements of the world around them by using their hands, senses and minds. Understanding is the discovery of order.

You keep folding the SALT & PEPPER BOX (Din-Raat) and simultaneously keep telling the story.

This booklet attempts to give a glimpse of some of the experiments and toys designed as part of the Hoshangabad Science Teaching Programme. Intensive use is made of things which are commonly available and with which the children are familiar. Many of the experiments were designed, often with the help of village children and teachers, in response to the dismal poverty existing in most village school.

Video education workshop 2020

By OM_stationery | Jun 22, 2020

Hello Educators, 

How are you doing? How is your online teaching going on? What kind of problems are you facing now?

We have started a social initiative to help and support School teachers, Educators, schools, college lectures to teach online during these global pandemic. 

So many teachers in India have adopted to teach online using live conferencing tools like Zoom, Google Meet, WebEx. Most of teacher, lecturers have learned to teach online using video conferencing tools. 

But there are so many cons of teaching and studying using video conferencing apps. 


This site includes word search puzzles covering a variety of topics appropriate for primary grade, middle school and high school students, but many of the topics will be of interest to puzzle-engaged adults as well.

S N Gananath

Remarkable progress in the Information and Communication Technologies (both hardware and R software) in the past decade or so has made it possible for teachers to access quality digital resources and use them either directly or indirectly in the classroom.

What makes it attractive for teachers are some unique features of these resources such as:

 1. Extensive availability

Neeraja Raghavan 

V S Kumar

You may have heard the story of the IIT graduate who started business after completing his B Tech, and Y roped in his Chartered Accountant friend to 'look after the books'. Soon the friend had a problem: he could never balance the cash because the owner, who also had a key to the cash box, would take cash for expenses but never tell him what he took.

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