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Remarkable progress in the Information and Communication Technologies (both hardware and R software) in the past decade or so has made it possible for teachers to access quality digital resources and use them either directly or indirectly in the classroom.

What makes it attractive for teachers are some unique features of these resources such as:

 1. Extensive availability

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You may have heard the story of the IIT graduate who started business after completing his B Tech, and Y roped in his Chartered Accountant friend to 'look after the books'. Soon the friend had a problem: he could never balance the cash because the owner, who also had a key to the cash box, would take cash for expenses but never tell him what he took.

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Shwetha Ram

When I received an email from Giridhar of Azim Premji Foundation that the forthcoming issue of W their newsletter Learning Curve was all about Mathematics, two words instantly popped into my head - Love… and… Hate! And I was pleasantly surprised when I read further on that Learning Curve would like me to narrate my (rather choppy) ride with this intriguingly abominable subject called Math.

Indu Prasad 

My mother has immense faith in her Gods and it is to them that she turns in times of deep trouble. M She turned to them on that day - my day of reckoning – my Class X final Mathematics examination. She saw me off to school at 8 a.m. and went straight in to sit before her Gods in supplication. I returned home at 1 p.m. and there she was - still sitting before them having made every kind of promise in return for a passing grade in Mathematics for her youngest child.

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Skills are Taught Concepts are Caught   -PKS

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