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William Blake has always been an inspiration to me. Imagination and creation have been the centre of human existence in his works. It was while briefly going through Jerusalem: The Emanation of the Giant Albion, few years ago, I came across the most touching lines of all that have inspired generations of artists and writers –

Learners are interested to learn lexical and grammatical aspects through innovative methods. Introducing different activities and games in the classroom will lead to successful understanding of it When learning is filled with fun, learners are motivated and encouraged to learn everything intelligently.

Here is a quick rewind of some interesting ideas that got featured on the Teachers of India website. We know it is not final. We know there are very many resources you found it useful that we couldn't feature in this particular list. How about you making your own list and sending it to us. We also invite you to remix ideas from your own experience and share it with larger teacher community. That would be a great bang to start the year!

What can spelling tell us about relationships between words? While spelling may sometimes seem random or unexpected, this video by Gina Cooke illuminates how peeling back the layers of spelling helps us understand the complex history and meaningful structure of words.

Understanding why we write and knowing how one should go about writing are essential factors needed to write well! This presentation on writing by Sriparna also suggests activities for children to develop the habit of writing.

Here's a worksheet with a letter-by-letter word game. Students have to think of the words and draw them too. They can use this worksheet to have fun with the letters of the alphabet and notice how a single letter can make a huge difference.

This is a presentation with 10 activities that can be used in the classroom to develop students' speaking skills. 

This is a silent video with 10 activities that can be used in the classroom to develop students' speaking skills.

Improving your language and building your vocabulary through attendance and self evaluation...

The Government Primary School Jasvawala is located in a rural area of Roorkee Block, Haridwar District, Uttarakhand.Pankaj Kumar, the Principal, saw that there were very few opportunities for children to enhance their vocabulary in Hindi and English. Also, he wanted to utilize the time for taking attendance every morning in a productive way.

Here is part 3 of the three part series of videos that explores what constitutes effective teaching practice and the teacher’s role in creating a learning environment most conducive to meeting these slum communities needs.

The video is in Hindi with English subtitles. 


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