Can there be anything common between the change in pitch of the sound of a motor bike as it zips past us and the light emitted by distant stars as they move away from us? Yes! They are subjected to the Doppler effect.

By cutting the end of a straw you can create a reed instrument that you can actually play a tune on. You can also learn some things about the science of sound and music.

Also look at this video to make a reed based flute only with straws. Looks simple but you need to try this with your students.

You have read in the class that snakes don't have ears and they only respond to vibrations. Arvind Gupta invites you to make an artificial snake that dances not to your tunes but the wind you blow!

Collect a crown cap of any cold beverage. Make a toy out of it to understand sound waves, 

Use trash & trumpet your recycling skills!

Here's what Sringeri Srinivas does when he finds the noise getting too much. What would you do?

As a student, when the chapter 'Sound' was taught to me, I found it strange that the only 'sound' in the classroom was that of the voice of the teacher. I therefore, have taken the opportunity to design curricular materials using everyday items to introduce the topic of Sound to students.The materials have been briefly explained and can be used as per one's needs and requirements.

Following are a few ways of how the materials can be used:

This worksheet is designed to help students understand the concepts related to sound, using common objects and experiences.

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