role play

Breaking open the imagination makes us see the world much in the way of the child; reveling in the constant discoveries available to him or her and celebrating his or her gift of fantasy. If we can't really see the world, how can we celebrate it's richness and ridiculousness? The arts are key to understanding our world and ourselves. And without that understanding, how can the knowledge we absorb be of any use?

This set of videos shows how teachers use storytelling, songs, role play and drama across a range of curriculum areas to actively engage students in developing their ideas and knowledge with one another. 

Simple ideas and activities centred on reading, listening and engaging with visuals can be used to get children to use a familiar language to learn an unfamiliar one.

A text book may or may not be enough to either create a deep interest in the subject or to instill specific skills in the students. This History module comprises of six self-contained lesson plans which will take the student beyond the textbook!

Stories and role-playing give students the opportunity to unlock their imagination, and develop verbal intelligence and understand multiple points of view. What better way to learn history than this?

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