Almost everyone is convinced that our education system does not inculcate values, it is accused of being all cognitive, as if the issue of values involves no cognition. And that is one of the problems in value education: if values are not a cognitive matter then a mystification begins in their definition, lists and ways of teaching. If we do want our education to help children become morally responsible, then we need a lot of thinking on what values are, how they can be chosen for ‘teaching’ and what methods might work.

'Soul Culture - Creating an enabling inner environment for learning' - is written by Prerna Shivpuri and Srinivasan.

With NCERT and CBSE making efforts to re-introduce Value Education into the curriculum and schools allotting time for "personality development" and "life skills", this article looks at the role of teachers and schools in bringing "value education" into the classroom.

According to Krishnamurti , the real problem in education is the educator. This is not to question the competence of the teacher in particular fields of knowledge, but to point out that the teacher’s own sensitivity to any situation is equally important, especially to the growing child’s inner needs and to the forces and influences which are shaping the minds and feelings of both the child and the adult.

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