I am a math teacher but I have always loved poetry. My interest in these two very different subjects made me wonder if I could bring them together in my classes. I felt that the combination of poetry and math could enthuse even the most reluctant child to learn maths.


tessellation of a flat surface is the tiling of a 

Pascal’s triangle, which at first may just look like a neatly arranged stack of numbers, is actually a mathematical treasure trove. But what about it has so intrigued mathematicians the world over? Wajdi Mohamed Ratemi shows how Pascal's triangle is full of patterns and secrets.

Make some beautiful cubes from beads this weekend. Easy? Are you ready for the 4 challenges at the end of the activity?

A teacher is like a gardener. Generally, a gardener does not decide how high each plant will grow. Rather, he ensures to create appropriate conditions for complete nurturing of all the plants. The plants grow on their own! 
Teachers, just like gardeners, create an environment where learners’ interest in learning grows. This is an environment of adequate challenge with emotional safety.

Umbrella can be used to explore the interconnected concepts.


Use a chess board to learn Math! 

Getting even on a chess board : See how odd numbers & even number pattern show up on a chess board. 



A hexagram can be folded in a number of ways to get a various geometric shapes! Happy folding!


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