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You can also solve more complicated equations on a double ganit mala and open number line. This demo includes equations with multiple operations but with "x" appearing only once.

You can not only learn about basic math operations involving whole numbers and integers, but can also solve equations on a double ganit mala and open number line. This presentation demonstrates the concept of solving simple equations i.e. equations involving only one operation.

Here is a short demo on "x" and its neighbourhood on the double ganit mala and open number line.

A class-room strategy for promoting divergent thinking... Can anything beat the feel-good factor of finding the perfect
response to a question in the classroom? This article by R. Athmaraman describes how giving students the opportunity to explore and study a concept through open-ended questions gives them a variety of paths to understanding and bursts the myth that the shortest road to mathematical success is the ‘right answer’.
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