Use this worksheet with the Lesson Plan on Maps to help your students understand maps.

The triangle inequality has a familiar cadence to it and most students can recite it spontaneously. In this article, we mathematise our understanding of possible triangle shapes, using the limits of values which the angles first, and then the sides, take. It's a great way for students to explore different ways of expressing their conceptual understanding.

Geography as a subject entails the study of the Earth as the home of man; hence a framework of geographical knowledge is indispensable in the conduct of human affairs. Professor K. Mason from Oxford once said, “Many of our present-day troubles can be traced to the neglect of the teaching of geography.” A geographer can make a definite contribution to numerous modern problems. Teaching geography through current events and practical examples will help students understand geography, society, and culture better.

Geography is one of the oldest disciplines in the world. Rich contributions from Eratosthenes, Ptolemy, Al-Masudi, Al-Biruni, Ibn Battuta, Ibn Khaldun and later by Carl Ritter, Emanuel Kant (yes the philosopher), Vidal la Blache and many more made it a discipline to investigate and unravel the mysteries. The classroom teaching of geography almost always fails to capture that awe of this wonderful subject.

Maps are magical! Holding a map is like holding a whole world in your hand. Imagine the thrill of creating your own map! Here is an activity that will encourage your students to take a better look at their school and will help them put to use what they learn about maps from their texts.


There are virtually no limits to what the creative teacher can do with maps. Given here are a few ideas on ways in which map-reading can be made an interesting, rewarding activity.

If the mention of a geography lesson gives rise to moans, groans and sighs from your students, then it’s time to do something about it. Here are some ideas on how to make your next geography lesson something to look forward to by the class.

With the National Geographic and Discovery channels being a favourite with children, they are already familiar with the world around them. So what is it new that the subject of geography can offer these young students? The new-age geography attempts to extend their knowledge of places and understanding of the grim environmental impact to a responsibility towards the earth as a whole.

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