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The Editorial from Issue XXIII of the Learning Curve on the theme of 'Inclusive Education'.

In any situation in life, human beings want to be included: it begins in the playground even as children take their first tentative steps into socializing in the world around them. We sometimes see a child – or children - standing at the fringes of a group engrossed in an activity or game, looking forlorn and dejected until they are inducted into the group. This desire presents itself at every stage, even into adulthood, when we get our first jobs, indeed till the very end of life.

The Editorial from Issue XXII of the Learning Curve on the theme of 'Early Childhood Education'.

From the Editor

This Issue of the Learning Curve focuses on one of the most important periods in any individual’s life – early childhood. Whatever differences there may be on any other aspect of education, this is one area on which everyone agrees: that the years between birth and eight are the most significant and can make or break a life.  So universal is this that it is equally true in all cultures.


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