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What are the possibility of learning when children from a nonformal set up regularly interact with a closeby government school, Kamal Mukunda shares the story...

Busting the stereotype built around the government school, this article does a reality check on the government schools. [1]

For the teachers, as they strive to get books, uniforms and other materials on time, and work with the children to make every day count, every tiny step of progress made by their children is a huge victory. They are creating change  in their remote worlds..Read more

"They claim the (name) is mine - as though it's something you can own!

The (name) owns the (school), my friends - that's how (schools) are known."

Thus go the reworked nonsense rhyme of Sukumar Ray. Read more why it is apt for schools.


We do not know what really works. We cannot single out anything as the magic silver bullet. We have done many things and everything was integrated in an organic way . We have done it for long but today, we feel this is not enough. This is just a trend we see and it has to be grounded and rooted for sustainability... Read more

In a recent workshop in Santiniketan on 'School Health and the Health of the School’ organized by Pratichi (India) Trust, this sketchy report seeks to
demonstrate the willingness and resolve of a group of people – people like us who do not claim to be having super natural qualities – to cooperate and aspire for public solutions to public deficiencies...Read more

The RTE Act 2009 is about the 'right of children in India for free and compulsory elementary education' ; it is about children and not
about schools, hence the significance of the Act is to all schools. This article busts many myths surrounding the Act.. Read more

Welcome to the 25th issue of the Learning Curve – we have reached that significant milestone and in order to celebrate the achievement, it was agreed that the theme should highlight the focus of the Azim Premji Foundaion, which is Public Education, not only as a right to bemade available to eachand every child in India but also as an instrument to facilitate a democratic and equitable society.

Here is the Editorial for Issue XXIV of the Learning Curve on the theme of 'Productive Work as Pedagogy'


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