Language acquisition

We present in this issue narratives of adult language acquisition. These are of interest in themselves, of course, but of interest also with regard to the teaching of language(s) in schools. Language teaching in school is often bogged down by the weight of scholarly tradition, literary history, and linguistic pride. It suffers, above all, from co-option into a system of syllabus, teaching, and examination, geared to competitive mark-gathering.

Seeing their learners develop a good reading habit is every parent’s and teacher’s dream. The increased screen time on various digital devices seems to have enthused the young learners and it equally piqued the older generation. The debate of reduced reading habits because of the ubiquitous devices is nowhere settled. But then, is it right to blame only the digital media for this problem? We are not going to judge the arguments of both the sides.

Do you like to wear a cap on a sunny day? Find out who else likes to wear a cap in this charming book.

Story: Noni, Illustrations: Angie & Upesh

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