inclusive education

Observation of Lamgara Block in Almora...This article highlights the gap between government’s Inclusive education policy and its on-field implementation.

An Experience in Karnataka...
This article looks briefly at inclusive education from a social justice perspective, in terms of preparing prospective elementary school teachers for inclusive classrooms. The article draws from the author's involvement in the curriculum revision process, development of associated materials and resources and the subsequent engagement with a group of student teachers. 

The article makes a case for including children with special needs in the regular school system highlighting the multiple interpretations of inclusive education in India and how these impact its interpretations for policy. The author urges individual effort on part of schools to adopt teaching and learning practices that support the learning needs of children with special needs and in effect improve learning for all the children in the classroom. 

The Editorial from Issue XXIII of the Learning Curve on the theme of 'Inclusive Education'.

In any situation in life, human beings want to be included: it begins in the playground even as children take their first tentative steps into socializing in the world around them. We sometimes see a child – or children - standing at the fringes of a group engrossed in an activity or game, looking forlorn and dejected until they are inducted into the group. This desire presents itself at every stage, even into adulthood, when we get our first jobs, indeed till the very end of life.


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