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When I first started to work with children with special needs, I was passionate and loved my subject area. As an Occupational Therapist, I had to observe the students in classroom and also while doing other co-curricular activities like sports, art and self-care, etc. Despite this, I was clueless when it came to classroom management with special needs children. I went into the classroom thinking that a well-planned lesson plan would take care of itself. But I found that it wasn’t so!

When the students left the room, Ansal Scaria smiled and said to this writer, ‘See, these are the very students who did not wish to study till yesterday. They just need people to believe in them and they can all achieve too.’ That day, the children learned to push themselves and I witnessed the power of belief. This is what a great leader does to a school.


Inclusive Education is an educational philosophy that brings all types of students together to create a class or school environment that is based on acceptance, belonging and a respect for human diversity. Inclusive education is about ensuring the rights to education of the disabled learners, who are often the most marginalised within education systems and within society in general. Traditionally, they have experienced exclusion, discrimination and segregation from the mainstream and from their peers.

Education, it is said, liberates the human being, modifies his/her behaviour by drawing out the best from every pupil. Today, however, the meaning of education appears to have undergone a definite change; at least school education has. It has come to be synonymous with getting high marks in the school leaving examination. Again, there is no guarantee that these ‘brilliant’ youngsters will actually remember what they learnt.

North 24-Parganas district in West Bengal is dotted with brick kilns. These have always provided seasonal employment to landless labour from the arid regions of Purulia, Bankura, Jharkhand and Bihar. But there are no amenities for the thousands of migrant families who throng to the kilns and child labour is rampant.


From classroom realities to working with parents and the community, the author describes how Spastics Society of Karnataka promotes inclusive and need based education to help prepare children to live fulfilling lives in society

This brief article presents information and discusses suggestions for creating inclusive classroom with focus on students with impairments. It shares strategies based on personal professional experiences teaching in inclusive classrooms, few among the ones that are shared during workshops with regular teachers from our public schools.

...A Different Approach to Inclusion

The articles talks of Vidya Niketan school's experience of providing inclusive education for students with academic/learning difficulties with an emphasis on providing a school environment to grow in, socially, emotionally and psychologically and fulfill their academic goals through receiving coaching in the open school curriculum. 

... in the Southpoint Vidyashram

This essay demonstrates how inclusive education is being worked out daily in this school in Uttar Pradesh. Called by its practitioners "postcolonial," this effort aims to replace familiar hierarchies with a specific "school culture," to teach teachers to view themselves and students differently, and to use curriculum and the hidden curriculum more purposefully.


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