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The human brain never stops recording. It stores large amounts of information effortlessly. How does it achieve this? And, why are memories so important? This article provides insights to what encompasses memory and the role memories play in our lives.
Join the author in an exciting narrative about the Gut, a small but amazing organ that does so many things that it is called the second brain. From digesting anything that is put in it to controlling feelings and emotions, the Gut is a Jack of all trades, and a master in every one of them.
How long has the use of anaesthetics during surgical procedures been in existence? What were the pitfalls encountered in finding an ideal anaesthetic? How is an ideal anaesthetic defined? Who were the main scientists and doctors involved in getting anaesthesia to the present level of sophistication? This article throws light on the history of this important medical aid.
The human body is an eternal battleground. We are constantly meeting with invaders of all kinds and all sizes. Did you know that our bodies have private armies that fight against disease? What are the different units in this army? How do they function? How do they get to the frontline almost  instantaneously? These questions and many more are answered in this first-hand account by a soldier (cell) in the human immune system.

Human skin type varies from person to person. However, there are some facts that apply to all skin types. 

When a woman reaches puberty, it is the most natural thing...yet from time immemorial we've been trying to brush the whole issue under the carpet and making women feel dirty about the most beautiful aspect of their lives. Why? Isn't it time we changed things? 
The Human body can be classified and studied as separate systems to enable easy understanding of the structure and functioning of the body. This is a reference book for teachers and can be used  to find answers to questions about the human body.
In this book you will find pictures of some basic parts of the human body. You will also see the interconnections between the different systems of the body that explain how the body functions. 
The various human body systems are the:

Drawing a parallel between the human body and a machine and discussing the similarities and differences will help the students begin their journey towards understanding nature’s most amazing ‘machine'.

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