This task is designed to give students a feel of how mathematicians ‘work’. It develops the skills of documentation, communication, reasoning and conjecture.

Here is a quick rewind of some interesting ideas that got featured on the Teachers of India website. We know it is not final. We know there are very many resources you found it useful that we couldn't feature in this particular list. How about you making your own list and sending it to us. We also invite you to remix ideas from your own experience and share it with larger teacher community. That would be a great bang to start the year!

A visual manual on how to use a ganitmala to show whole numbers, add, subtract, multiply and divide them. Also includes how to show the division algorithm for HCF.

Here is an interesting exercise in factorisation with boundary conditions, for students of upper primary school – classes 5, 6 and 7.

Here is one way of decomposing a number into its prime factors.

Other related links:

Here's a hands on activity to explore the concept of HCF.

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