There has been so much said and written about assessments that anything more written about it will be superfluous. Nevertheless an attempt shall be made at giving the topic a different perspective. Needless to say that assessment is part of the 25% that most teachers detest about teaching. But it happens to be an integral part of the teaching learning process and any educational system or process. I found Dr Bob Kizlik’s article in ADPRIMA very interesting-he starts by quoting ‘anything that is not understood in more than one way is not understood at all’.

Find, in this issue, a range of articles recounting personal experiences of teaching with the goal of inclusive learning. Diverse aspects of assessment have been thoughtfully tried and objectivity is a key theme. Another important aspect of assessment, namely, reflectively constructed rubrics have been given a place in this issue.

The second issue - July 2012 -  of LLT has articles on textbooks - 'Choosing Texts for Teachers' and 'Impact of Content: English Textbook Designing in India' and takes a look at "evaluation", 'Multilingualism and Bilingualism for Language Teachers' and the 'Theory and Practice of Language Teaching'. Read on to see how cartoon shows and Augsto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed can be used as pedagogical tools.


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