When the students left the room, Ansal Scaria smiled and said to this writer, ‘See, these are the very students who did not wish to study till yesterday. They just need people to believe in them and they can all achieve too.’ That day, the children learned to push themselves and I witnessed the power of belief. This is what a great leader does to a school.

What changes when a girls' football initiative begins to claim open public spaces to play in Mumbra, a far-flung suburb in the Mumbai Metropolitan region? Quite a lot actually!

When I was asked to write about the changing role of the teacher, I decided to write about my role model – my mother, a teacher, and hope that many more teachers will be like her and not like my class four mathematics teacher, Mrs. Raj.

Apart for the usual & intended purpose of sharing what one has learnt, see what more the teacher can motivate the students to do. This snippet is from Primary School Zahiruddinpur, Suithakalan block, Jaunpur, U.P.

Education provides essence and nourishment for human development. Process of education begins at an early age and continues till end. Education is a source of great strength in everyone’s life. Our sustenance in society depends on education. It develops a platform through which we get opportunities to prove ourselves before society.

Trying to improve the quality of education - be it in a school or a cluster or an entire system - can be full of 'land-mines' exploding unexpectedly, leaving you with confusion all around you. Here are the top ten 'confusion' land-mines:
  • It is only when I teach that children will learn, isn't it?
I am just going to begin my career as an English language teacher for the primary section. I would like to train my students in soft skills even at this level. I know it is possible. What are the sentence structures to be avoided? What are the ways in which we can sound more polite?
The moment the word 'discipline' is mentioned in a gathering of teachers or educational functionaries (or even parents or community members), it acquires a special meaning, as in 'children have to be kept in discipline'. Here, the quintessential role of the teacher is that of the 'shepherd' (with stick and all), and children are seen as unruly sheep that have no mind of their own and need 'order' in their lives. I hope this sounds as dated in the reading as it does in the writing!

A non-profit organisation in Jodhpur provides free boarding and education to child brides whose parents agree to delay sending their daughters to their in-laws. This article is written by Shelly Walia in Qz.com.

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