Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)

Us: “Why is waste bad?”

Child 1: “Waste is bad because it makes the place smell and harms animals”

Us: “What can we do about waste?”

Child 2: “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”

Us: “Okay. But do you know how this is done? and what do you do before recycling?”

All Children: *Silence*

"My dress is dirty. I belong to a small village. My identity is derived from my village name. My loving parents take great pains to provide food, shelter and love. I am at peace. Only when I step out of my home, reality hits me. And hits me hard. In school. At worksplace. People treat me as if I am a wild beast. Uncouth in appearance. Untouchable to the core. Unworthy to get an education. Society's parasite.

Let me start with a big disclaimer – I am NO expert in the field of “Education”, “Policy”, “Governance”, “Socio-political behaviors” or “Political Science”. I also confess I am perhaps least qualified to even subtly comment on such topics, leave aside writing a post. And yet – I think I should. Perhaps write simply to share a “layman-ordinary” citizen’s thoughts on these topics.

What is the difference between awareness and education? The reason we have been asking this question is due to the widespread realisation of environmental concerns, but not enough reflection on how the issues are to be addressed.

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