Children like to draw. Around the age of two they discover the sheer pleasure of making marks. They pick up any crayon, pencil or pen and they scribble.
Our toddlers are not trying to represent reality with these scribbles. It is simply a joyful exploration of their own new found power - the ability to make a permanent mark on the world.

Alongside a successful and award winning career as an actress and director, Nandita achieved a Masters degree in Social Work from University of Delhi and has continuously worked with various NGOs. As a chairperson of the Children's Film Society, Nandita is passionate about producing and delivering high quality films for children. Nandita Das was a Yale World Fellow 2014. She was among the 16 emerging global leaders who were chosen from close to 4000 applicants. 

The book under review, Math! Encounters with High School Students by Serge Lang, is an old one, published in 1985, but well worth bringing to the notice of students and teachers of mathematics. It is a series of seven dialogues on mathematics with school students and a postscript discussing mathematics teaching.

What is your 'excuse' to draw?

Sample these words from the masters.

A dentist by day and a wonderful webcomic artist by night, Grant Snider has created a niche for himself. Of struggle and dreams, of art and imagination,  of poetry, of innocence..his brush strokes express it all. 

Sample this on How to Grow Imagination

A teacher is like a gardener. Generally, a gardener does not decide how high each plant will grow. Rather, he ensures to create appropriate conditions for complete nurturing of all the plants. The plants grow on their own! 
Teachers, just like gardeners, create an environment where learners’ interest in learning grows. This is an environment of adequate challenge with emotional safety.
Is there an illustrated story that blurs the boundaries of storytelling, story 'drawing', language appreciation, pattern making, and is also fun to read aloud?

Zen Pencils is a website with "cartoon quotes from inspirational folks" launched by Gavin Aung Than, a freelance cartoonist. Rajkishore shares with us a cartoon from Zen Pencils which has adapted Sir Ken Robinson's inspirational quotes into a comic story.

Click on the following:  Sir Ken Robinson - Full Body Education


India has paved its way and made steady progress in the field of formal school education. In this journey, the country has made impressive strides particularly in promoting the right to education through the RTE. Does this right encompass the 6 million (3% )of the high ability children who are gifted? The article draws attention of the readers to the concerns of this often forgotten neglected population.

Enliven your lessons by bringing art into the classroom.


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