SPKs provide out-of-school support to children studying in government primary schools and are set up by Eklavya in consultation with the community.


The writer shares her experience of working with different library models and her thoughts on the power of a community-based library, while working with Eklavya, an organization in Bhopal...

Children have the power to change their communities, or as the founder of Design For Change terms it - the spirit of 'I CAN'. Read more about this in the article by Gauri Mirashi and Parul Patel...

In October 2009, eight 10 year-old children from a small village named Lordi Dejgara near Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India, stopped sixteen child marriages. 

In 2010, a few 11 year-old students from Lancester, Pennsylvania, U.S.A partnered with the local government to design bicycling paths in their city to tackle obesity. 

Nimai Chand's dedication and personal commitment to education is demonstrated in his contribution to the school and the community of Udhamsingh nagar.


Teacher Hemchandra Lohumi shares with Vipin Chauhan, the process involved in setting up a school - how it requires much more than just a building to build a 'real' school.


In this article, the author shares her experience in teaching ecology to 16-year-olds. The aim was to expose the students to basic principles of ecology using different approaches that highlight these principles.


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