Rajashree Srinivasan

Nilesh Malviya

Nivedita Bedadur


Vishnu Agnihotri, Nishchal Shukla, Apoorva Bhandari


Jayashree Nambiar

Ross Turner

Juliette Mendelovits

 “We are good at churning out people who can learn and memorise but not those who are creative or capable of original thought.” Sam Pitroda, Head of the National Knowledge Commission

These videos will help you learn how to assess the progress and performance of your students at Secondary level.

Reforms in assessments have been extensively deliberated in India. National policies and commissions before Independence, such as the Hartog Committee (1929) and Sargent Plan (1944) as well as those post-independence such as the Mudaliar Commission (1953), Kothari Commission (1964), National Policy on Education (NPE) 1968 and ‘86, Learning Without Burden (1993) and National Curriculum Framework (NCF) 2000 and 2005 have recommended changes in the examination system.

One of the most challenging professional development tasks is helping teachers improve the questions they ask students.  Teachers are aware that some questions require students to think more meaningfully, yet research shows that these questions are rarely asked. 


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