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Instead of making a statement, Ask a question.

One of the most challenging professional development tasks is helping teachers improve the questions they ask students.  Teachers are aware that some questions require students to think more meaningfully, yet research shows that these questions are rarely asked. 

Here is a quick rewind of some interesting ideas that got featured on the Teachers of India website. We know it is not final. We know there are very many resources you found it useful that we couldn't feature in this particular list. How about you making your own list and sending it to us. We also invite you to remix ideas from your own experience and share it with larger teacher community. That would be a great bang to start the year!

In the dominant traditional paradigm in India, the primary education is alm

A dentist by day and a wonderful webcomic artist by night, Grant Snider has created a niche for himself. Of struggle and dreams, of art and imagination,  of poetry, of innocence..his brush strokes express it all. 

Sample this on asking questions

Unless a class is kept interactive, it is very boring & dead. To make my students open up and be forthcoming, I need to give them space. (a space!)

A teacher uses a range of questioning techniques in his geometry class.

This video is one of a series produced by TESS-India to support

Is the converse of a statement always true?...
Ever posed this question to a class and then scanned your memory for good
examples to clinch your argument? Here is one you could use.

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