Swati shows you how a double ganit mala and an open number line can be used to explain the addition of integers to students. A 'double Ganit mala' is a string with sets of 4 different coloured beads that is used to model the number line.

If "practice makes perfect", more practice makes perfect sense. Here's a video on addition to help students build a strong foundation.

Practice makes perfect. Here's a video which gives examples of  addition: carrying digits, adding multiple digit numbers etc.

This video can be used to introduce your students to the addition of a 2 digit number to a 1 digit number. It also introduces them to the concept of carrying.

This video from Khan Academy demonstrates multiplication of two-digit numbers.

When do we first introduce children to subtraction? This article follows the sequence of place values and addition operations and is closely linked to the ideas introduced in the preceding articles of this series. 

In primary school, teachers often do not spend sufficient time on exercises and tend to plunge straight into formal operations and text materials. The suggestions made here are intended to help teachers fill the gaps and lay a stronger foundation when it comes to the teaching of number operations and numbers.

An imaginative approach to teaching abstract concepts in lower primary school by Renu Bhatia & Smitha MaIlya.

This video can be used to introduce your students to the concept of multiplication.

This video introduces you to multiple visual ways to represent addition, while teaching your students.


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