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Intelligence was a term usually used to describe individuals. Simply put, it stood for the ability of the individual to acquire and apply knowledge and skills. There are many ways to determine how intelligent a person is. But intellectual capacities of two or more individuals can work together or collaborate in order to produce, perhaps, more effective outcomes. One can term it as collective intelligence.

Kamla Bhasin's haunting reminders on gender stereotyping are as relevant as ever. Here is the 1st one. You may use it as a 'seed idea' & explore discussions & debate with your learners. You may ask them to build a skit or paint a picture on the same theme.

Dear Teacher,

Khan Academy has launched a Talent Search for amazing explainers to help build the world’s most comprehensive, engaging library of videos.

...I'm all of your fears and all of your stress,

I'm your fear of the spotlight and fear of success.

Fear of embarrassment and not enough training,

What a dangerous activity reading is, teaching is. All this plastering on of foreign stuff. Why plaster on at all when there’s so much inside already? So much locked in? If only I could get it out and use it as working material. And not draw it out either. If I had a light enough touch it will just come out under its own volcanic power.” Spinster (Sylvia Ashton Warner)

Are there any reliable stewards of this blue planet, today?

Most students spend a big fraction of their study time preparing themselves for answering questions – for examinations. This becomes all the more important when a student writes a competitive examination such as the IIT entrance. In such a situation, the busy student tries to consult as many question banks from as many sources as possible, ensuring that (s)he has created his/her own database with (almost) all possible variations in questions from a certain theme!

They say the pen is mightier than the sword, and authorities have often agreed. From outlawed religious tracts and revolutionary manifestos to censored and burned books, we know the potential power of words to overturn the social order. But as strange as it may seem, some numbers have also been considered dangerous enough to ban. Alessandra King details the history behind illegal numbers.

When I went to school today, I had no clue about how amazing it is going to turn out. As usual, I went for rounds and interacted with a few teachers. They shared their challenges in the class and wanted me to assist them. The day seemed quite ordinary until one of the teachers came running to me and asked me to meet Rashmi Ma’am, Grade 6, English Teacher immediately. I was really scared that something terrible has happened. So, I ran to her class immediately.


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