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Innovative Teaching Method

By moashraf | Dec 4, 2019

How an Innovative Teaching methods can be impactful in teaching? How much it is useful to be in classroom to teach the students?

Should we go towards the innovative teaching methods instead of using current school education system?

By moashraf | Nov 29, 2019

Current teaching methods leads to a unproductive skill which also become obsolete at this time. we should try to go with innovative methods of teachings to make our children productive & resourceful.

When Sarita ji and I walked into the school (Basically it is a conical hut) premises, all the children around greeted us with their hands folded in Namaste, saying, ‘Good morning’ mam /sir. I put my bag down in the classroom and came outside again to welcome all the kids for their day at school. The school comes under forest reserve and prohibited for permanent construction. Currently, it operates out of classroom for all five classes.


Under the present scenario, pedagogy demands our consistent effort to evolve scientific teaching methods. It must involve the use of scientific tools or Teaching Learning Material (TLM) without which neither teaching nor learning is possible. In this article, I will talk about the experiences of my life as a student as well as a teacher and also share my understanding that changed in course of time.


A few hundred thousand years ago, Homo Sapiens walked on African soil, searching for food, shelter, perhaps companionship. Externally, their lives were completely different from ours today—but inside our skulls, our brains are remarkably similar to those of our ancestors. Children on the African savannah did not go to school, but their young brains were perfectly adapted to learn from their environment over a period of several years.

The teacher is central to all educational reform – this is the underlying principle of change in educational processes. Hence, an initiative to capacitate teachers is generally an adjunct to most government initiatives in education. The word adjunct is chosen with care – while the intent is to capacitate teachers to create change, somehow the teacher becomes a supplementary rather than a key player. A case in point is the implementation of continuous and comprehensive evaluation across States.

Is it all your mother’s fault?
No matter what the “it” refers to, Sigmund Freud would have probably said yes to that question. However, we now know a lot more about psychology, parenting, and human relationships than Freud did.

State of Rural Schools India has the exceptional achievement of having a primary school (class I-V) within one kilometer in 98 percent of its habitations. Access to physical infrastructure is matched in official records with enrolment in excess of 96 percent. But the good progress on getting rural children to schools is, however, substantially lost with low retention and insufficient learning levels, restricting opportunities for their future lives as citizens, parents and contributing members of the economy.

Materials can be important for helping children learn. The very young child learns in interaction with and acting on the objects around her. In the beginning, the senses, motor abilities and subsequent causal analysis develops through their observations of the things around and their behaviour in different circumstances. This interaction with materials is spontaneous and directed by the child. The manner of interaction is decided by her and often their explorations do not meet with the approval of the adults.

Education is a prime concern of society. Naturally both as individuals and as a society we always think about a better education for all round growth and development of the individual and, ultimately, society. Today the term quality education has gained pace and is a matter of concern and debate among educationists and even common people. In fact education itself is qualitative in nature and outcome. The matter of discussion or concern should be the process, the contents etc.


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