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Champak is a popular children's magazine published since 1968. They have compiled some stories and fun activities for children who are at the moment at home due to covid 19 lockdown. There are many stories and activities related to Corona virus and lockdown in them.

Aditya Gupta

A child’s mind is like that of a butterfly in the garden which gets attracted to flowers of different hues and their enchanting fragrance. Children minutely observe happenings and activities in their surroundings and react to the smallest of change. They try to understand an activity or change on the basis of their perception and prior knowledge and develop their ideas. From here, begins the role of a teacher.

Self Learning Materials for the children - this is what is needed at this moment, when the teachers aren't around and regular classes aren't happening. Shiksha Mitra has developed some worksheets which will really help children to think through and take them towards self learning.

Some samples are given below:

The spread of the Corona virus and the lockdown are unprecedented events in our lives. Most people have been unprepared for it, physically, psychologically and emotionally.

A lot of work is being given to children during this time to help them learn from home. Yet the experience coping with the pandemic itself lends to a lot of learning.

This book is particularly a preparation for understanding Science. Science is built from curiosity, experience, analysis and finally the expression of a discovery. The main part of this process is arranging objects, activities and ideas so as to create a new order or pattern. Science is the discovery of new patterns. This book is to help children discover the patterns and arrangements of the world around them by using their hands, senses and minds. Understanding is the discovery of order.

What you will see and appreciate in the beautiful creations out of leaves on the accompanying pages, and the thoughts these pictures will trigger in your mind. all have elements of the 'scientific temper', of the 'scientific attitutde. about which you would have perhaps come across countless mentions and discussions on earlier occasions But you would have found few solid examples of what, meant by these words, In this lovely booklet, you will find several examples which contain the elements aforementioned. Several others you will he able to create yourself.

Activities around Science and Craft - to make your children play and learn together and that too from simple materials or trash you throw away.

Children from the very beginning should be encouraged and persuaded to make use of their heads and hands. Read this book and try making the toys on your own. Going through this book, if you don't understand something, think it over, apply your own mind and try something on your own and by yourself. If what you make does not quite look like the toy shown in the book, but but works, the same way or differently, this is even better.

This book is a collation of some interesting activities - geometry by paper folding, toys, tangrams, pumps, caps, experiments, and simple science models. These activities are interspersed with inspiring stories on education, peace, environment and mathematics. More than one thousand line drawings illustrate the text. This book follows no strict order or hierarchy. It is not meant for any specific age group, nor does it supplement or complement textbooks. This book shows possibilities of doing science with simple things.


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