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How big an impact can a teacher's efforts have on society? It  is a question that cannot be answered accurately. However, we can say that a teacher can influence and affect the society and I'd like to demonstrate this by sharing with you the story of my teacher, Mr. Tilak Raj Pankaj, ABEEO Tizara from Alwar in Rajasthan. 

Mr. Tilak Raj Pankaj, was my teacher from class 7 to class 9. He taught us Mathematics and it was not only his teaching technique but his love for students that made him a favourite among the students. After leaving school, I only got to meet him last year at a meeting where a project related to Elementary Education in Mewat was being discussed. When I found out about his efforts particularly in the field of Elementary and Girls' education, I have to admit that I felt proud to have had such a teacher - a Guru. 



I'd like to share with you some of the work he has done in Mewat, in the field of education:

  • He connected Industrialists and NGOs with the schools to provide the latter with infrastructural help, teaching-learning material, and stationery for the students.
  • He worked to increase the enrollment of girls and under-privileged children in the schools.
  • He communicated with certain sections of the society where eduaction was not considered important or essential, to convince them otherwise.
  • He initiated a regular review programme to monitor primary schools and drop-outs and ensured proper communication between schools, teachers and the community.

Considering all the effort put in it is not surprising that others began supporting Mr. Tilak Raj Pankaj's work. A programme titled 'Project EKTA' was initiated by Mr. Tilak Raj Pankaj under the guidance of  the District Collector Mr. Ashutosh A.T. Pednekar, giving importance to education and social reforms and bringing together other like-minded education officers and teachers. This project was initiated with 40 schools in the Tizara block on 12, March 2011. 


  • There are 295 schools included in Project EKTA
  • 486 lakh ruppes has been put into this project in two years, with work being done in these schools.
  • The drop-out rate has decreased by about 20%.
  • Girls enrollment has increased by about 200%.
  • NGOs, industrialists and the community have come together, taking part in school activities.
  • The 'Annual day' has become an essential part of the school year, for the schools and the community.
  • All the activities of Project EKTA are being published on
  • As an innovative effort, 55 school websites are being developed to bring in the use of  IT in education, as can be seen on

Working with a community where children were sent to work in fields rather than learn and play in school and where it was felt that boys deserved to go to school more than girls, Mr. Tilak Raj Pankaj has shown us that where school teachers take an interest, a lot of good can come out of it. The results themselves show the fruit of his hard work and his firm determination. I really appreciate the enthusiasm and interest of my teacher, Mr. Tilak Raj Pankaj and I hope his efforts motivate all of us to do the same.


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तिलकराज जी वास्तव में एक ग्रेट टीचर है। उनके प्रयास वाकई सराहनीय है

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धन्यवाद प्रकाश जी
तिलक राज पंकज जी जैसी सोच अगर अध्यापक वर्ग 20% भी पैदा कर ले तो आज जो शिक्षक वर्ग पर उँगलियाँ उठा दी जाती वोह कभी न उठे और समाज में बदलाव की बयार आ जाये.....

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ऐसे जजबे को बार बार सलाम।

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Impressive !

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It's really a devotion and spirit we teaches need. I salute d man.

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A teacher is an Engineer of the nation and Mr. Tilak Raj has justified it. Hats Off!

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