This issue of the Learning Curve focuses on one of the most important periods in any individual’s life – early childhood. Whatever differences there may be on any other aspect of education, this is one area on which everyone agrees: that the years between birth and eight are the most significant and can make or break a life. So universal is this that it is equally true in all cultures. You will find focus articles by some of the most well-known and much respected educationists in the country, followed by very practical and hands-on approaches to Early Childhood Education (ECE).
In the latest issue of Learning Curve, we have articles that enlarge on the theme of empowerment through responsible citizenry by involving the community in the process, of methods used to facilitate collaborative learning by getting students and teachers to jointly examine their problems and concerns, of attitudinal changes enabled through dialogue.
This issue of Learning Curve focuses on 'Innovative teaching-learning practices' - recipes that have been tried and tested and found to be efficacious, not methods recommended by textbooks. They are practical and completely doable in the most ordinary circumstances. No special equipment is required to try out these ways of teaching and the common thread running through them is just the desire to make a difference.


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