Work stress on Government School Teachers

By Rohini.C | Nov 21, 2012

The government school teachers are selected for their qualification, knowledge and capabilities in the field of teaching. Their time is supposed to be dedicated for classroom and related curricular and co-curricular activites of the students. But now, as we can observe in government schools, the teachers are loaded with other works other than teaching in the class. like, managing school records, filling up student scholarship/ other forms, sensus, attending trainings conducted by the department, etc.

class room activity

By p.c.kimothi | Oct 15, 2012

can you sugest any class room activity

Lingual Issue

By Deepak Purohit | Oct 15, 2012

Dear all,

                Our country has a veriety of communities. How a teacher can communicate his / her thoughts to children if the class is multilingual? 

Education for all a possible reality

By ogriv | Oct 3, 2012

If the teachers can overcome the following then the above issue is very much possible


1. As a teacher with B.Ed qualification i should secure a government job.

2.I am a helpess teacher i alone cannot do anything i am waiting for a good samaritan to come and change the things.

3. Teahers believe in what Swami Vivekanand said "you are the creator of your destiny" deeply interospect you will understand how powerful you are.

Communiy Participation

By Savitha BC | Sep 18, 2012

there is a serious problem in understanding the term "Community", many HT/HMs (Head Teacher/ Head Master)  thinks community means SDMC (School Development and Monitoring Committes)...if you ask HT?HMs who are all will come under community am sure you will get an answer by saying community means SDMC which consisted of selected parents, GP president etc.

Pedagogy or philosophy of education

By binoy.dubey | Sep 12, 2012

Topic is : "Constructivism is a best way to provide quality education " 


By tsrksrujanavani | Sep 8, 2012

Teachers of India is a good portal but it can cater only to the teachers who use internet. Many good and able teachers are outside the net. How can we bring them into TOI? We need to start local chapters of teachers based on city/district. By networking we can increase the number of teachers in the forum. What would you say ? I belong to Visakhapatnam city. I would like to take initiative if I get support from handful.  Regards

How does a teacher cater to the educational needs of all the students in a class?

By editor_en | Aug 30, 2012

As a teacher it is essential to cater to the learning needs of all the students in the class. How would you suggest teachers ensure that students from diverse backgrounds, with different abilities are engaged in the class?

If you could re-do your teacher prep-program what would you like it to include to better prepare you for real world teaching?

By editor_en | Aug 30, 2012

Given your experience as a teacher and the development in communication and technology, what do you feel could be added to teacher-preparation programs to make them more holistic/effective?


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