todays the lesson of teachings

By SSPATIL@59 | Oct 25, 2013

Dear friends ,
I believe that now a day it is time to teach to the children to inculcate the supreme ideas of science and nature
apart from this syllabic topics we must teach to the children about patriotic and moral character . because
there is no such ideas in our today's syllabus so it would be our additional duty to teach such social, and national ideas .


please help NGOs to get 3 crores from GOOGLE

By ramanatha.sastry | Oct 24, 2013

i recommend the 'open source books' please vote

The Google Impact Challenge supports Indian non-profits who use technology to tackle the world's toughest problems. Submit your votes by 30th October for four finalists to decide who wins a Rs 3 crore Global Impact Award.

On 31st October, we will unveil the fan favourite, as well as three additional winners, selected by our judges.


Providing a Positive feedback...

By ramanatha.sastry | Oct 18, 2013

Teacher comments can have a significant impact on a child's self-esteem. Many students come to school sad and discouraged as a result of poverty, abuse or other problems. Children desperately need someone to believe in their worth and encourage them to try harder to do their best!

please read this post for general discussion on positive feed back.


IIT Kanpur/Harvard Graduate - Looking to collaborate on an Education Focused Venture

By Farhan_Ali | Aug 7, 2013


I am an IIT Kanpur and Harvard Graduate and am currently working on an India focused education related venture. We are looking for teachers who could help us with the content creation and was hoping to talk to you to interested teachers to evaluate possible avenue of working together.

From our perspective – we are currently looking for teachers who can help in content creation for 9-12th standards, have good communication skills and are open to the idea of working without much supervision.

Indian Teacher Survey (Flipped Classroom) - EdTechReview

By ramanatha.sastry | Jul 15, 2013

The survey is being conducted to know how many teachers in India know about the concept like flipped classroom and are proficient with technology for flipping their lessons.


Courses from ‘coursera’ for teachers

By ramanatha.sastry | Jul 14, 2013

Here are professional development courses from ‘coursera’ for teachers. Please note it is a ‘MOOC’. Free and get the certificate too.



Indian education survey

By HubertDworman | Jun 5, 2013

I hope I'm posting this in the right place. My name is Hubert, I am an Indology student from Poznan, Poland. I've spent the last summer working as an English teacher in primary schools in Hyderabad. Today I'm writing a thesis on Indian education.

Finland Education System

By ramanatha.sastry | Jun 5, 2013

in my opinion the sccess of Finland system lines in major factors of

1. Teachers are well supported and trained.

2. Teachers are delegated the learning of students and freedom to teach...NOT filling the forms and showing the evidences of teaching.

american tesol institute

By star teacher | Apr 25, 2013

I would like to ask wheter anybody here have heard about american tesol institute in india-kolkatta please let me know.

I would like to know wheter this online program is a scam or not.


kindly check this site and let me please teachers.

Online Learning

By nehardave | Mar 1, 2013

Hello all teachers,

Just wanted to discuss on how we can have online learning more effective. A teach can create her own content only (Which is unique to her/him) and can send out assignments to the student and it gets graded :) !! 

Also we can have a system which has more of interactive Questions and Assignment then it will keep the students engageed and learn more.





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