Showing teacher appreciation

By editor_en | Sep 5, 2014

Today is a great day to tell your teachers how much they mean to you, especially when you've become a teacher yourself!

Share with us, here, ways in which one can show teachers their appreciation or how your students have made your day special. 

Happy Teacher's Day!

By editor_en | Sep 5, 2014

All of us at Teachers of India would like to wish you a Happy Teacher's Day! 

We would love to hear why you became a teacher. So do write to us here or send an email to teachers@azimpremjifoundation.org


Invitation from Global Shiksha

By sangita_84 | Jun 20, 2014

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School and society

By junykwilfred | Apr 30, 2014

For the modern day school, what is the relevance/importance of community participation in its functioning? If it is, then what are the ways of increasing and improving community involvement?

Role of Educator as An Engineer of Psychoware and Somatoware...

By bhaskarshodh | Mar 26, 2014

We lost Education in Classification of Information.  Information leads us from literacy to specialization only.  A journey from literacy to a specialization in schools and universities is not education. Unfortunately some opportunists are indoctrinating society in the name of education with various institutions. An educator opens the doors of knowledge; the other closes all but the one he wants his followers to pass through! Education is a process for self identification.

learn MS_EXCEL

By ramanatha.sastry | Feb 20, 2014

I have seen MS_ Excel learner courses in Udemy for different level of learners; beginners to advanced learners. Excel learning is one of the basic need now a days to lead for the good accounting and then to the data bases. Hope this post help all those who like to take up a course at convenience at lowest possible cost by a reputed trainers.

please see all details from


my video lessons in Science

By ramanatha.sastry | Feb 10, 2014

Hello Every one,

I am planning to develop video lessons for school students in Science.
I started with physics_light concept, and like to share with you all the first sample lessons.

I request your feedback, so the video will become real help for students.

please use this link to see 2 English and 1 Telugu vidoes.



Excessive stress on written work kills the joy of learning in the primary and preprimary classes.

By smitauchil | Jan 15, 2014

Is stress on writing correct spelling more important than developing the childs ability to express his feelings in his own words? Is it more important that the child understands the concept and is able to apply the concept in a given situation or it is necessary that he should be able to write a given set of sentences as answer to a given set of questions?


By ramanatha.sastry | Nov 27, 2013

here is the link to the 'coursera' physics course, much useful for teachers and FREE.


Teacher-learner rapport in this era...

By ramasita | Nov 14, 2013

In this post-colonial era, learners are UNDERPINNED obviously, by TECHNOLOGY. So nowadays, as it is expected, teachers really need to be very alert and smart as students grew smarter....A Teacher in this era must update him/herself to give their students loads of / plethora of latest information/data,
before the computer gives them...SO WE ARE NOW, IN A SITUATION TO UPDATE OURSELVES BOTH in Technology and Subject. If it is done the rapport between a teacher and learner will be really interactive and effective, which will be reflected in their performance too... agree???//:)))


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