Technology-The Competitive Edge for Education

By Santosh G | Jan 28, 2019

In today's digital world, technology has covered almost all walks of life. It is omnipresent. Hence, the teachers should understand its significance and start getting familiar with it. This is because the coming generations are so smart and techno-savvy than us. If we make an effective use of technology, we can convert the classrooms into better learning places avoiding boredom and simplify the content. It will also empower the teacher to explain the abstract ideas with better visualized manner. So let's gear up and make most out of it!!

Spoken English Skills to the Students who are not exposed to Speaking Environment

By parveenwrites | May 18, 2017

English remains an obsession for the employers as well for the society. Parents still want engineers and doctors. Schools still believe they are doing the best to rhe children's lives.
BUT, there are billions who have not been able to speak up.for themselves and have not been able to cope with the English Elite Society in India.
How to Introduce English Language Skills to the children?
What methods one can adopt to bring the students on track to Speak English?.

Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation

By Preeti_edu | Mar 29, 2017

Q. What are the drawbacks of CCE pattern/system and its implementation in schools?
Any suggestions for improvement!

B.Ed from singhania university

By santoshv01 | Dec 7, 2016

Is the 1 year B.Ed course from Singhania university recognised by UGC and NCTE.

Role of Educator as An Engineer of Psychoware and Somatoware...

By bhaskarshodh | Mar 26, 2014

We lost Education in Classification of Information.  Information leads us from literacy to specialization only.  A journey from literacy to a specialization in schools and universities is not education. Unfortunately some opportunists are indoctrinating society in the name of education with various institutions. An educator opens the doors of knowledge; the other closes all but the one he wants his followers to pass through! Education is a process for self identification.

Mathematics of Planet Earth 2013

By himanshu_mitr@y... | Jun 22, 2013

Mathematics of Planet Earth is an Ambitious Activity, This is being carried out and being lead by NCERT.

Kindly guide us also for this effort, and Leave suggestions by which we could ensure the participation of the students from a very Remote area of Uttarakhand.

Teacher educators

By basavaraju | Nov 21, 2012

How long reqiured, to develop teacher educators in eache subject?

What skills need to develop for teacher educatos?

teacher development

By basavaraju | Nov 21, 2012

How to develop teacher in new curriulam on 5tn and 8th std,?

How long requied to develop on new syllabus?

What kind of activity  to be use in workshops?

Pedagogy or philosophy of education

By binoy.dubey | Sep 12, 2012

Topic is : "Constructivism is a best way to provide quality education " 

If you had to cut one period in the school time table, which would it be? Why?

By editor_en | Aug 22, 2012

With all the classes and extra-curricular activities that need to be fit in to a student's day, if you had to take a decision to drop a period which one would you choose? What are the criterion you would be considering to reach the decision?

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